I've changed my mind on Mike Anderson (Sadly)

I think Mike Anderson will be a fine coach in a league where there isn’t much competition, but he’s never going to win anything in the SEC. He would be awesome in like the American, Colonial, Conference USA, but he’s completely out of his league in the SEC. MA’s a good dude, class act, but he’s simply outwitted on the basketball court. All LSU did today was old school ACC basketball, the PG simply breaks down the defense, and MA never had any answers.

But the bottom line is, Arkansas is NEVER winning anything with this guy, I don’t even think we would win the NIT to be honest.

I agree. He’s a good coach, a couple tiers above what we had before him (Heath and definitely Pelphrey), but that’s all he is…average. It’s going to be a lot of up and down years ahead with Mike, with several 2nd Rd exits. Ya’ll get ready!!

I am still waiting for an “up” year! This is his seventh season and he has in my view only had one good year (2014-15) and a couple of decent years. And even in 2015 we still got bounced in the second round of the NCAAs.

In LSU’s other 8 conference games excluding Arkansas they are averaging about 68 pts, against Arkansas they averaged 84 in two games. My guess is that everyone pads there offensive stats against the Hogs.

I have no answers. But much like the big extension/guarantee Bielema got a couple years ago I don’t understand the extension Anderson got earlier this season.

I have the same feeling. :disappointed:

If Anderson was gone, who, realistically, do you think we could get?

How quickly people turn on a coach that has done so much for our school and state.

I can repeat why most of these comments bear no weight since Anderson has been in the SEC, but at this point it’s moot.

“Moot”, yes that’s a perfect word for most of the points you continually post on the lounge.
Other than the entertainment value you provide for most of us about your vast knowledge about the game of basketball I think you’ve come up with the perfect word for how most view your opinions.

Please keep us informed about how many winnable games you will see if we do sneak into the NCAA Tournament as a 11-12 seed in our bracket, we can’t wait!

Go Hogs!

Again, I’m glad you like it and hope for failure just so I’d be wrong. And still, none of that takes away from my knowledge of the game. If I say something wrong, call it out. Game predictions or looking at HOW a team can win and how winnable a game is by the numbers doesn’t mean we actually will win. I just go by the numbers and trends.

If you go by the trends, cellar dweller is what is happening!!!

General, I don’t nor do I believe 99.9% of those fine folks on this forum “Hope for failure”.
However, many of us are simply “Realistic”about what we see and aren’t looking at everything through Rose Colored Glasses.
I believe these Hogs could win the next two home games based on the opponents if they play up to how they should play at home which would get them back to .500 at 6-6.
However, after those Home wins, if they do actually win both of those I find it very difficult to find more than two more wins based on how we matchup against the remaining opponents.

Go Hogs!

I disagree with your highlighted statement. Very good chance, Ole Miss will be down for their game. We will be WAAAAAY up for both KY and AUB (with a realistic chance AUB will have already clinched the SEC by then and not be “dialed in” for our game). ATm struggles on the road, and Missery is like us, they have good games, and SMDH games.

The only game I see a guaranteed loss is @ Bama, Sexton is better than Waters, the other freshmen is a 3 pt stud, who we will leave open, and it’s @ Bama, so you know home cooking will be in affect.

Baked Hog,

So, are you saying you truly believe that these Hogs have a good chance of finishing this conference schedule 7-1?
Have you seriously been watching the same team the rest of us with the exception of “General” has been watching this season?
OMG, I would absolutely love it if that happened, but I don’t objectively see how that will be the case.

Go Hogs!

So, guarantee we go 2-6, which is what you’ve said, bet they end up closer to 7-1.

OMG, read the posts, I’ve said repeatedly that I think we probably go 4-4 the rest of the way, anything better I would be surprised with, but happy about.
Next week will tell us a lot if happen to drop either one of these home games then it’s going to be difficult the rest of the way.
There’s just no way any rational observer that has watched this team would look at what they have left on the schedule and predict 6-2 or better.
For goodness sakes they’ve only won one true road game all season so somehow magically they grow up and learn how to do it, I don’t think so. They might pick up one more road win and beat Vandy, South Carolina and Texas A&M at BWA.
Auburn will be playing for a 1 seed so they won’t be sleep walking when they come to BWA, Kentucky has a few issues, but dare I say not as many as we have, and they have much more size and talent than do the Hogs, however we have gotten them a few times recently. Missouri at their place, I just don’t see us winning in that road environment.

Go Hogs!

You said that you expect us to win against Vandy and SCe, then don’t see another win.

OMG, look at my posts I’ve stated several times 4-4 is possible, don’t expect anything better.

That’s all I have to say about that!

Go Hogs!

Anderson has had 7 years. He is not going to recruit any better and he is not going to coach any better. Therefore, what you see is what we will continue to have.

Wrong sir. Anderson’s incoming class is rated 17th in the nation and 2nd in the SEC. Most of the incoming players have been rated 4-stars by one recruiting service or another. Just pointing that out for all you who bemoan our lack of star power in recruiting. The talent will be seriously upgraded and our future guards will poses the height they need on the perimeter. I’ve been critical of Anderson’s coaching and his stubbornness in not adapting to a style of play that would better suit his current players. Less pressing and more switching defenses to keep the opposing teams off guard I think would be beneficial. More driving the lane would also help. For those of you on the “Anderson must go.” bandwagon, we just paid out an ungodly amount to the former football staff and the boosters are in no mood to dish out even more millions to get rid of Anderson and hire a coach a step above Anderson. His current recruiting class and the one after will guarantee Anderson will get at least 2 more years. If after that time we are still floundering and barely making the Big Dance, I may also be inclined to replace Anderson. Until then, just whinning after every loss and disappearing after every win is a waste of time.


Ding Ding Ding…Someone gets it

Yep. I can understand the frustration, I’m frustrated too, but there are a lot of details some fans always leave out when discussing this team. Firing a coach isn’t always the best course of action, but that seems to be all some can come up with.

Anderson is a good coach. He is a step down from Sutton and Nolan but he is in the top half of the SEC.