It's an all Hog Day!

I’m ready for all Hog games! Got the Basketball game on the big screen, got the Diamond Hogs second game of double header on the computer screen and the Lady Backs in Bama on the phone, and it’s my first day of 2 weeks vacation!! Nice… WPS!!

I can relate. What a quality vacation

I know the basketball game is paramount! But, right now Trevor Stephan is working on a no hitter in the 7th! He has 9 Ks and faced the minimum.

And there it goes lol, me and my big mouth!

Wow. No hitter through 7.
The basketball game will improve when shooters start getting the shots.

Well, Stephan is still dealing, he has 91 pitches and 12Ks with the 9th inning left to play.

Hogs up 2-0

Well it was a good day diamond hogs won 2 and the basketball hogs shot well from the free throw line and 3’ point arc and got the win! It was a little sloppy and I felt like we threw points away on fast breaks by not sharing the ball aome and making wild long passes. Some turnovers also.
Every time we would get a chance to extend the lead we would do something silly pass up an open shot to run inside and not even get a look!
We did not look good but a win is a win