It's a good thing Arkansas has maybe the best Defensive coaching staff in the country, because

A lot of those guys are going to require a lot of coaching, to get Arkansas in a position to compete next yr in the SEC on Defense…

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Only time will tell

What this team is missing the most is an athletic big guy who can rim protect… we have plenty of athleticism coming in next year but until we get someone who can make it almost impossible to score inside the defense will never be as good as its capable of being. That’s what makes Auburn so good this year they have a 7’1 rim protector that you’re not going to score on inside hardly ever… that is what we absolutely have to get here for us to go to the next level

I’m sorry, I was talking about football, not basketball. Basketball. Jaylin Williams is improving by the day, and he will be back. Jordan Walsh is the best SF in the country. And Dunning is the best rebounder in the nation. I’m sure several players will transfer, because they’re not playing. Vanover is probably going to re-enter the portal, because he’s not playing at all…

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