It's a good thing Arkansas can go to the hole, because that was the worst outside shooting I've ever seen

Need to screen better

Need to get a short memory, if you miss a cpl, forget it, and make the next.

Need to not listen to those idiot fans , there’s a reason Arkansas has the rep it does, because they have some of the dumbest people on the planet…lol…
Block out the noise…

??? cpl? Our idiot fans?

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What in the sam hill does this mean?

Not Good.

This guy likes to stir the pot for attention.


jim you and I could handle this board better than this cat. IMO

We could handle any board buddy.

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Might be time to put down that pipe…:flushed:


That’s not true, I just tell the truth and hate mongrel’s like yourself live in a bubble, thus you hate it. Arkansas is a great state, my family lives there, but I’ve been following Arkansas sports for over 40 yrs, some of our fans are complete idiots.

Glad you’re the only smart real fan that’s not a dumb mongrel or idiot. Whew!

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Thought we shot the ball pretty well last night, yet had limited success at the rim. Loved the defensive intensity.

Buddy your above your pay grade. I’ve got 68 years.

So 40 is a newcomer to the block.


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