It Looks to Be About Motivation

How do you go back & forth from world beaters to ditch dwellers weekly? It is a pure FACT that the Hogs do just that.

Motivation is just as strange of an animal as Momentum. However both do positively exist on a football field at all levels. There are books analyzing these two mental conditions in athletic competition.

Coaches must manipulate motivation for momentum to most likely ever emerge. I think a fiery personality is best and by far the easiest way to achieve motivation on the college level but I think there are other ways for an innovative smart coach to go about it.

I never thought of Les Miles as fiery or smart. However he did win an NC at LSU before they fired him. What I first noted eventually most likely got him but he lasted at LSU a long time. The answer for his longevity at LSU was good assistants who were good at motivation as well as at coaching.

I think the assistants is the avenue Bielema must go. He may have had them at Wisconsin. Bielema is surely not a fiery dude and does not strike me as an Einstein either. Bielema needs fiery good fundamentally sound coaching assistants. I hope he gets them before he must be fired.

Here is a link that puts lousy defense into perspective. Arkansas has the worst average (6.34) yards yielded per rush of any P5 team since 2000. Of course dead last this year in the D1 division as well. A defense that held Florida to 12 yards rushing the entire game??

I think it is partly motivation and partly ability. Motivation can cause you/team to play beyond themselves and beat a higher ranked opponent. Or it will cause you/team to look slow and OOP(Out-of-position). Hence, the up and down performance,or roller coaster effect. Well…that is what I think anyway. HOGS YA’LL.