It is enough to make me stop watching Arkansas football and basketball.

In football losing the last two games and losing 56 to 0 in the second halves. Razorbacks playing well in the first half against Kentucky then being outscored by 23 points in the second half. The Lady Razorbacks blowing a 9 point lead by turning over the ball 7 or 8 times in the last 4 minutes against LSU and going 0-3 in conference play.

Watching one disaster after another in those three sports is not fun.

It’s always darkest before the light comes, WPS

Difference is men’s basketball shows the ability to rebound. The others didn’t or don’t at the moment.

Might as well throw in the killing Auburn gave us when we just QUIT in that game and didn’t show up for the LSU game, don’t forget those two trophy games.

Basketball barely has a pulse…

Somebody at the U of A is OKAY with being in the middle of the pack, somebody has lost all desire to scratch and claw and try to kick azz imho. We’ve become a toothless tiger and that’s just the way it is. Until (if ever again) we hire people with fire in the bellies nothing will change. CBB and Long are from far far away and have no Razorback blood in them, just collecting a check and hoping for the best.

Not sure football is not in trouble moving forward. This year we saw, and may or may not admit, a troubling pattern that seems to be growing rapidly.

CMA provides a pulse but not organized enough to beat good teams consistently and give anybody real hope. And anybody that thinks post Moses and Hannahs (next year) things will be better is not living in reality.

Hope things get better but one thing I’ve learned about “things” is they don’t get better on their own, they need to be driven and driven hard.

Nobody likes being middle of the pack, and if there were some easy way to get us to the top, of course, it would have already been done. Basketball appears to be in better shape than football. Recruiting the best in-state guys for basketball each year, if we can do that, will make us at least top half of SEC. But in football you need a lot more recruits. Just in-state guys won’t ever be enough. I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m pretty sure that firing all the coaches might not make things any better, and possibly could make things worse. BTW, I disagree with you about our prospects in basketball next year. I’ll miss Hannahs, but we’ve got lots of good guards. Macon is already a star, and I’ll bet Barford will be before long. Thompson, Thomas, and Cook will be seasoned seniors. Gafford might not be a star right away, but he will be eventually. Together those guys will be able to take up the slack from Moses’ departure. Also, both Garland and Hall are four star recruits with good size. We’ll be fine next year. I expect to be better next year than this year, even with Hannahs and Moses gone. Then 2018 looks to be a bonanza recruiting class. I think basketball will be OK. I worry more about football.

It sounds like some people are indeed, “fair weather fans”

Sac70 in basketball you’re right I’m just getting sick of always hoping for what’s coming. I’m ready to enjoy what’s here now. Seems like in basketball it’s always a dangling carrot we are all chasing. With all of CMA’S guys and years of his leadership we might be a legit top 40 team at the end of the day. Honestly I was hoping for better.

In football I’m worried about everything… Not even sure AA is the answer anymore. CBB is lost and soft… Hard not to like him because he’s a big hearted guy with great intentions but at the end of the day who gives a chit about that, just want to be prepared, adjust to the game and be competitive for four quarters. And recruit like a madman.

Easier said than done.

Thick or Thin I’m in!!

Coach Anderson, Coach BB, Coach DVH, and Coach Dykes are all good coaches. CMA, CBB, and Coach Dykes did not put there programs in the ditch. They are the ones charged with pulling them out of the ditch. At Arkansas, it will take a little more time than at other places because of certain deficiencies that our school has. The reason we are so angry and upset is because we have seen glimpses of what these coaches can bring to our Hogs, they just haven’t completed the puzzles yet. If the do not get it done then we will move on. But until then I will back them 100% and cheer and root for my beloved Hogs till the last second!

Burn your T-Shirt… Nobody will miss you.

Most people are “fair weather fans.” Losing doesn’t generate much interest or excitement.