Is there anything better than football season?

I can think of one, maybe 2. One can’t be discussed on here. I’m getting amped up.
Love seeing the hype videos in full force. Get them tv’s dusted off, it’s coming soon.

Ditto…can’t wait to see if AA is gonna do it in the LaTech game! I also want to see some SHUTDOWN defense. HOGS YA"LL.

Are we going to get bant if we say something that is not family appropriate? Not that it’s my intention, just want to know what the situation is.

Yea I’m getting my nerf balls ready and strategically placed to throw at the SEC Refs on TV. Better secure my TV in the bedroom a little better.

If you mean banned, then not for the first offense (unless it’s really bad). You will be warned, but continuing bad behavior will get you kicked out. Oh yes, these forums do not have a read only ban. You are either in or out.


Ouch! I’ve never been banned before (except on the OM site during the HDN days, but that doesn’t count).

I’ve been banned many times. Trouble seems to follow certain people around. I’ve managed to survive on here somehow. I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf with the new board. No more foolishness.