Is there a way to mark topics that ur not interested in

That way I don’t have to scroll through 51 latest or unread topics?

Not that I am aware of. I just finally click on them, scroll to the end (or it won’t go away) and get back out. Of course, if someone post in the the thread, it comes back up. But that is all I know to do.

Actually there is a way.

At the very bottom of the thread there is an indicator. It will usually be a white circle inside a grey rim, alongside the word Normal. If you click on the circle, you will have a choice of options. You can choose Muted to stop receiving any notifications about the thread.

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In the list of new or unread topics, there is a Dismiss option. It will appear at the bottom right of the list. After you have read the items in which you have an interest, click on that.

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