Is the incredible athlete Duwop injured?

Another game with no stats for the incredible athlete Duwop? Is that incredible athlete injured? I surely thought he would be sniffing 1000 yards rushing and receiving for the season… well because he is an incredible athlete.

Why are you attacking a player?


You still feel the same about AJ Derby?

Saintly is from California and he has went under many different names on the old board. Mostly due to being banned by Davenport.

I think you should just move along, because, well,you are not saintly.

Is there any way to block on this board?? :twisted:

I find it incredibly unfair to level such a biting criticism at a player who has no control over the determination of the timing and circumstances factors which will frame his on-field game participation. AT LEAST wait until AFTER the young man’s on-field debut to begin derogatory commentary!