Is P Train going down tonight?

He must have been hanging around the volleyball gym this week. Or, maybe he’s already signed LSU papers.

Who cares?

Plenty of P Train homers do. Typical. Beats up on nobodys and then gets his rear kicked. No better than Les Miles.

Houston won it, 36-10. I called the two Louisville losses on this board long ago when we had all that damn silly clamor after Louisville beat FSU at home. Louisville was then a play-off team opposing Arkansas by the ridiculous logic one had to suffer here. Petrino never won big ones on the road. Clemson & Houston were the only decent teams besides FSU on his ACC schedule. He lost them both on the road. No play-off for him. The motorcycle riding babes around Baton Rouge are minus a future sugar daddy as well. Petrino has too much dirty laundry for LSU. I think it is Jimbo Fisher or they settle for Orgeron if he wins out.

I still think the Houston coach is on the short list too. At least he is still being mentioned around these parts.

Oh my God I’d love to see them settle for Orgeron.

Down here there are 4 names that keep popping up on the sports talk radio shows

  1. Jimbo Fisher
  2. Tom Herman
  3. Ed Orgeron
  4. Dave Aranda… there are a few that say he should be moved up from DC

I don’t know how high Petrino is on the list but I have only heard his name once or twice and fans down here are not high on him at all.

Notably, Arkansas’s recruiting class is ranked ahead of Louisville’s so far. With how much they’ve won this year, that surprises me.

I sure hope LSU stays with coach O. I don’t think we get that lucky though. On another note,RECRUITING,some would have us believe that CBB is the close to the worst at recruiting. How then, pray tell are the rumors that the Red Caped Wonder from up Yonder is behind CBB and could even finish under him in the recruit ranking? Hmmmmmmmm…perhaps he doesn’t walk on football water after all. HOGS YA’LL.

I think that LSU will make a tremendous mistake if they don’t keep O. Luckily for us, they will probably let him go. He would be ideal for that program. He is a coonass among the coonasses (no that is not a pejorative.) He can recruit with the best of them and he has learned from his previous stints as a head coach.