is it time for a new......

voice? something more paul eells-ish. just sayin…

Sooooo… What’s wrong with Chuck?

Maybe we can raise Bud Campbell from the dead.

My vote goes to SlowBob. :slight_smile:

Or Dolly

I, for one, am appalled at the apparent dearth of creditable spokespersons and announcers who evince a creditable measure of journalistic polish, comprehensive knowledge of the game and command of the English language. Perchance do the current sadly lacking mouthpieces hold their positions by default, due to the regrettable fact that no one of adequate communications skills was available?

It’s a mystery to me. The general public being served by the collective voices comprising the audio of the national airwaves certainly deserves better.

is somewhat prepubescent. a face for radio and a voice for …

BaldHeadedHippy gets my vote.
Is he around here under an alias btw?

The Voice of the Razorbacks was directly attached to being the sports anchor of KATV for many decades. KATV, Channel 7 was & still is the Little Rock affiliate of the ABC TV Network. The Voice of the Razorbacks was so attached to KATV that people as Bud Campbell changed from other Little Rock TV stations to KATV to get the Razorback announcing job. Everyone up through Paul Eells who died in a traffic accident in 2006, had all worked at KATV as sports anchors. That KATV job seemed an absolute prerequisite for the Voice of the Razorbacks job. Why? I don’t know but Frank Broyles was in absolute agreement with it. Then when Eells tragically died in 2006, everyone in the Central Arkansas area just assumed Scoot Inman had the Voice of the Razorbacks job in the bag. I mean he worked in the KATV sports department. Then came the somewhat radical change. Broyles picked Chuck Barrett who had NW Arkansas connections galore but absolutely no connection to Little Rock or KATV. Was this a precursor to a shifting of power from central Arkansas to NW Arkansas that some see in the stadium debate? I do not know but I am sure the phenomenal growth & development of NW Arkansas during those decades facilitated it very much.

I went looking for the exact linage of the Voice of Razorbacks job. A little tougher than I thought to find. I could not find when Bud Campbell started beyond the early 1960’s as his starting time at KATV. Campbell had previously worked at KARK in Little Rock. However I don’t know if Campbell was Voice of the Razobacks then or not? I was just a kid then, my father would know, but he would be just a couple of years from 100 if he was still alive. Been dead over 20 years.

Bud Campbell Early 1960’s - 1974
Dave Woodman 1974 - 1976
Big Sam Smith 1977
Paul Eells 1978 - 2005
Mike Nail 2006
Chuck Barrett 2007- Present

Campbell & Woodman both left KARK to go to KATV to be Voice of the Razorbacks. Big Sam Smith was a Texan who held the job just one year before he bailed out to take an NBA announcing job. All these men had worked at KATV until Nail. I also remember hearing Woodman could not get along with Broyles. Campbell & Eells both died in car wrecks but some people believe Paul Eells was already dead at the time his car crossed the freeway median and collided head on killing the 40 year old woman.