Is it really true that the ACC is so much better than SEC?

Is the ACC really that much better than the SEC? Florida took down Virginia easily. South Carolina took down Duke. Arkansas took North Carolina, the ACC’s top team, down to the wire. Perhaps the ACC has more depth, but from what I’ve seen in the tourney the SEC has no reason to apologize for its basketball.

Usually yes but not this year. This season the SEC’s Top 4-5 are every bit as good or better.

I neglected to mention that Ole Miss beat Syracuse Saturday, so more evidence.

Doesnt the ACC have only one team in the Sweet 16 and the SEC three?


this year the only claim the ACC could make is they had more quality depth in their league, but with programs like Alabama, TN, and MS State rapidly improving, especially in recruiting. soon the SEC will be back to where it was in mid 90s. SEC also did well against Big East with hogs taking down the Pirates and SC beating Marquette. we all know Vandy had their game won, but lost because they had a daft moment. if hogs finish off NC, 1/4 of the sweet sixteen belonging to SEC would of spoke volumes.

The ACC just has the national media building them up and knocking the SEC down. They are very overrated. Almost as overrated as the Big East!
If you notice the SEC teams were placed in the tournament where there was no way to have a final 4 with 4 SEC teams. That was not the Case when you look where the ACC teams were put

But isn’t that a function of how many teams they got into the tourney?

Yes Marty the ACC with 9 teams were spread out all over the brackets. Only one remains. I believe only 1 remains in the NIT as well Georgia Tech!
Vandy getting an at large bid with 15 losses was unreal. I hope the hogs can find a way to play more power 5 schools in the non conference schedule. Of course we all know most don’t want to come to BWA.
Give a guess for how many wins we have next year? My guess 27

The SEC teams were put to where if Florida wins and South Carolina wins they will meet in the elite 8. If the hogs would have won against NC Kentucky would have been in line if they win thier next game.