Is Cole Kelley actually the new starter

for the Hawgs based on merit? Is AA still injured? And, will the latest scramble of the OL that started against Bama, also start against Auburn?

Or is all this just noise from BB to change the fan driven narrative of “fire the coach” for a while; giving him time to try and figure out a way to win four of the last six games and possibly save his job.

Unfortunately for us Hog fans it really doesn’t matter that much who the QB is if more changes aren’t made to the O-Line.
Back on Sep.11, I made the suggestion on the post “ O-Line Shuffle “ that the staff should be be looking to get Ragnow, our best and most athletic lineman reps at one of the Tackle spots. Much my dismay they moved him to right guard this past week against Alabama instead of one of the tackle spots.
Given what we have seen thus far I do believe the staff should try some different combinations and get get some beef in the middle of the O-Line.

For example:
LT - Ragnow, 6’5 - 317
LG - Merrick, 4 star recruit, 6’4 - 322
C - Rogers, 6’1 - 309
RG - Gibson, 6’4 - 333
RT - Wallace, 6’6 - 337

I simply can’t believe that Merrick could miss any more blocking assignments as Frodholt has in the past year and a half, plus unlike Frodholt he has played O-Line for years while Coach B tried to convert Frodholt to O-Line from D-Line just last year. Perhaps, Frodholt could be brought in a jumbo package against some of our remaining opponents on short yardage situations and also provide some much needed depth at nose gaurd on the defense instead of playing Agim there at times when he should be left at defensive end to try and get pressure on the opponents QB.
If Gibson is better than Wallace at tackle and knee is healthy then simply swap them in this configuration.
As for the QB, I believe you have to play whichever QB gives you the best opportunity to win each game, but I do believe even if Austin gets healthy their should be opportunities for Cole to play in every game on the remainder of the schedule. If he is likely to go into the off season as the #1 QB for next year and we aren’t playing for any better than a 6-6 season this year then it would be valuable to have him get as much live game situational action as possible.

Oh, for goodness sake please address the kicking game before next season!

Go Hogs!

I know that it will make little difference who starts anywhere. The balance of the season I think we win one more game.

The real emphasis or at least that’s what I intended, should be on the second paragraph. And to clarify one other thing; IMO, it will not matter who starts the remaining games, I think we only win the Coastal Carolina game. Where that leaves BB, if it happens that way, is anybody’s guess.

I don’t believe Coach B has any idea how his Hogs roster can win 4 of its final six games. I do believe they do have an outside shot of winning 2 of their final home games against Coastal Carolina and Missouri, but that’s it.
They will get beaten soundly again this week by Auburn and not win either road games at Ole Miss and LSU. They should be able to compete with Mississippi St, but probably won’t be physical enough to win that game.
So, after 5 seasons Coach B will have a 3-9 or a 4-8 season and should be shown the door.
I don’t want to hear about what a coaching change could do to our recruiting, our recruiting isn’t good enough to worry about currently. Perhaps, a change to a new HC would actually be a boost to our recruiting if they they make a good hire.
I’m 100% ready for a change!

Go Hogs!

I agree with you on all of that I m pretty reasonable and I get it if some things don’t work out but it’s year 5 and your still having the same issues if not worse than before and still have no idea what to do then it is time to go and I think if we got a spread guy in here the recruiting would probably rise