Is CBB as big a man as Jack Crowe?

Crowe quit after losing to Citadel… will Bielema do what needs to be done and just quit?

“It is obvious the program is not where we want it to be and not where it should be,” Crowe said. “Razorback fans deserve better than that. I believe it is in the best interests of all concerned that the head coaching responsibility be turned over to someone else.”

JL is drafting a contract extension until 2025 with a salary increased to 8 mils per year for the man.
“We need to make him happy to keep him here” JL said in a prepared statement.
Great job !!! two wins streak.
It’s really nice of CBB to give the Chanticleers a chance. That’s called “sportsmanship” gentlemen.
We just do not go out there and kick other teams’ a**es like Nick Saban.
Congrats to CBB for a job well-done.
Season is over… he’s already preparing for next season.

I don’t recall Crowe quitting? getting fired yes.

Agreed J Frank fired him straight up, promoted Kines to interim and then cut Kines legs out from under him by hiring Danny “I can’t get my cows across that big river” Ford as a “consultant”

I googled Arkansas loss to Citadel and this article popped up: … head-coach

Some reported fired and some reported resigned or quit.

J Frank was big on giving coaches a soft landing. He may have “encouraged” Crowe to resign with the promise to help him find a coordinator job.

Crowe was cleaning out his office Sunday morn. He was fired!

What ever happened to Crowe, it needs to happen to Bret Bielema and faster. If Bielema is not fired, reassigned, or resigns on his own will my Monday 11/6, Jeff Long should be fired.

During interim, all CBB apologist should be banned from all Razorback related websites until fans that are logical with rational minds have an opportunity to rationalize where we go from here.

I am sick of watching my alma mater being robbed by this highly incompetent coaching staff. Personally I think our best option is to fire Long & CBB both.

I agree with your first statement and your last…that part in the middle not so much. We are all Hog fans and we all want to win, some just have a higher threshold for failure

Listening to Coach Bielema’s post game presser I don’t get the sense that he has any intention of stepping down because he kept referring to all the good young players and that they need to address some “uncharacteristic” big plays given up by the defense.
Really, what team has he been watching film on Sunday after the game on Saturday?
Brett has got to go regardless of how it happens, period?

When you impeach a President, it does not remove him/her from office, but it is symbolic of the prevailing plight and wisdom for change. I think this week there should a unifying of some sorts. There is no wisdom in the rhetorical justifications ( most cases marketing) that has been rammed down the good folks of Razorback Nation. With Frank Broyles, we as Razorback fans never got to these levels of points of polarizing topics because he made decisions quickly and decisively for us. His decisions for the most part were good ones that did not require 2nd guessing of his judgement. That is No Long (er) the case. As Long as Long see’s or hears any daylight of a path to keep CBB, he will stay the course, thus my need to be compelled to say “all CBB apologist should be banned from all Razorback related websites until fans that are logical with rational minds have an opportunity to rationalize where we go from here”. Consider it marshall law for those that [color=#FF0000]after 5 years have proven they can’t see through this great A - Train Robbery being performed by Long and CBB.[/color]

For the record, all fans do not wish to win right now, which further illustrates my points. Did you see the bleachers for our homecoming game a against a 1-7 team that previously best game against any Power 5 school was a lost by 31 points? By contrast; didn’t Bama plays us for Homecoming and take us to the woodshed. We need to start fixing this problem now, no more discussions of warm a fuzzy about how it might work 2 years from now. It schould work right now with the right coach.

Dfarris, I posted earlier that after reading his comments about the game yesterday, the guy just don’t get it. He has no clue or just don’t give a darn about the team. I think he has completely lost the team, but the players can’t admit it. PR must be in the same boat. That was one of the worse defensive efforts I’ve ever seen from a college team and I have watched a lot of football in my 73 years.