Is Arkansas the worst SEC team in history?

I remember that South Carolina team in 1999 was really bad they went 0-11.

But yeah, this is the worst SEC team in history IMHO… It’s like they’re scared of their opponents. That South Carolina team played a solid football game against Vanderbilt that year, losing by just a pt.

I doubt it. I recall fans saying Hatfield was a terrible coach and his teams boring, then Nutt was worse and his teams boring etc. A lot of fans wanted a passing type coach and they thought they had one. so they should be happy.

I totally agree100%. There was nothing wrong with HDN’s offense, in fact, HDN would have beaten Auburn today, because his team’s could run the ball, keep their offense off the field, and Auburn would have thrown an INT late.

But those idiot fans wanted a pass first offense, instead of a physically imposing and fast offense, with enough pass to keep the defense honest. Arkansas has really dumb fans, they think their old SWC was the toughest conference ever, and they try and bring that mindset repeatedly to the SEC, and it’s never worked, and never will.

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Even before that, I remember fans calling for Lou Holtz to be fired, for the same reasons.

How can one be worse than worst? Since when was a permanent “cellar dweller” not the lowest of the lot? But, it’s not the end of the world! Hog jaws up! We’ll recover - better days ahead! WPS!