Is Anybody Else Having Trouble ...

… with Whole Hog Sports? The forum comes up fairly normal but does not appear “normal.” Any reason?

Which OS, browser and device are you using?

Zero problems here using my mobile devices iPhone 6.5, iPad mini 3 using the latest iOS and Safari.

Zero problems here using a MacBook Pro, latest OS with Safari and Chrome.

Zero problems here using an Dell XPS 15, Win10 and Chrome.

And btw, could also be a little more descriptive?

What does this even mean? :?: :lol:

I’m using my laptop and Win10. The top of is not the regular look, but is listed down the left-hand side of the page with nothing to the right. You have to scroll down about 2 full screens to get to the content. The content seems to come up OK, but it is a bizarre look compared to what you normally see at the top of the page.

It sounds as though your browser has not finished loading the page. I would suggest trying a page refresh.

Thanks, Marty, for the tip, but that doesn’t work, either. Everything that is normally at the top of the page is just in a bulleted list down the left side of the home page.

Not sure what it was. I didn’t do anything, but now everything is back to its regular look. Thanks for your help.

Marty is right, you are describing a partially loaded web page… If you continue to have that problem then change your browser. If it still persists, reset your router.