Internet inquisitor lax with Bielema facts - Nice article, Wally!

Well done, and appreciate the facts. People want to hate on CBB and Mrs. CBB so much - those folks probably think their Yorkies don’t even have PAPERS!!


I think this is the first praise I have seen for Wally on this site, ever. In the history of ever.

Disclaimer: I never ever read _ally _all. I did click on the link to read the article. As quickly as I saw the name of the author, I closed it.

What makes you think that anything by the wee one is factual? He never checks facts, nor does he have anyone check them for him.

How is this not considered a personal attack?

Are you alluding to a “checkered” past here? I smell an expository revelation.


Are you sure it isn’t a suppository revelation you are smelling?

That could very well be. I just discovered a suppository lodged in my ear. Regretfully, I belatedly surmise that I now know where my hearing aid is, anyway.