Interesting series of events to consider

• Bret and Jen find out they are pregnant
• Arkansas has a complete meltdown in the second half against Mizzou and loses.
• A few weeks later Bret and Jen announce they are expecting
• A few weeks later Arkansas has another second half meltdown against Va Tech and loses
• A winter/spring of discontent in which we hear all the usual talking points that the late season let downs are being.
addressed. We hear terms like “strain to finish”. Installation of a 3/4 defensive scheme and a promise of better.
• Bret and Jen welcome their daughter into the world.
• A few weeks later we begin fall camp with more positives more platitudes especially in regards to the OLine.
• The season begins and it is much like a repeat of the end of the previous season. Lack of focus…poor tackling.

And here we are staring at a losing season. I have to wonder if Bielema lost focus after he found out he was going to be a father and then the team followed down the rabbit hole.

I think an accurate assessment.

At some point, maybe over the winter, I think BB realized whatever he is or has as a head coach will not work for him in the SEC. Could be coaching knowledge or lack thereof, style, his inability to close on highly rated recruits, or something we are not aware of.

Snapping at the reporter during post game interview was not a good look; just seems to me that he knows his time at Arkansas is drawing to a close. JMO

Yes, players generally do follow their coach . . .

Good Grief…

Ok genius, what’s your break down?


I am honestly grasping at straws however the timeline syncs up with the product on the field. While Bielema hadn’t set the SEC on fire there seemed to be incremental improvement every year until the end of last year. Bielema is an emotional guy, he cried after one loss (A&M or TCU). I have said for a while it seemed the problem with the team was between the ears and I now wonder if that doesn’t come from the top.

He likes to baby his players and kids who like that kind of coach commit to Ark! We are seeing that result on the field! You can’t be their best friend 24x7, sometimes you have to yell at someone to get them to perform and a lot of really good players like to be pushed.

To me calling (singling) out Hedlund and then calling the fans mean wasn’t a good look.

I understood the Hedlund thing however calling fans mean and snapping on the media like he did was bad.

Yeah like Smashmouth2010 & Smashmouth2011, he went 25-5 and it wasn’t enough because holier than thous felt we had horrible defense and in few years because of alleged poor recruits down the road, we would be bad like we are now, so we use the lie as sound excuse for just cause and here we are…

Sell fulling prophecy and why I feel the worry wart hogs aided by Long destroyed the program. The lie was the basis to which they could use for taking the chances that they did, it just never materialized as they hope. As a result we all suffer except for the guy that was supposed to have been punished.

Ummm…do you mean 21-5?

No HA is just reiterating his man crush on Bobby P…logic and facts do not count.

Yes 21 - 5, typo, I don’t have an editor so I appreciate you pointing out. I will correct. In fact I could make it 25 - 15 and it would still make the point by a mile over what we have now.

It was typo, but as I learned when CBP was fired, with some within Razorback Nation mistakes are not allowed by the holier than thous that seek to gain absolute perfection; while seemingly willing to accept losing at all costs in order to do so.

With that said, I am sorry my crush on the Bobby Petrino era at my Alma Mater… The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville West of Dickson Street annoys you.

Meh…i was just gigin ya HA. You and I agree on one thing and that is Bobby P was one of the best coaches we have ever had on the hill. We disagree that there was some conspiracy to fire him. The reality is he was a complete nightmare to work with and you would be hard pressed to find anyone on staff who misses him. When Motocyclegate went down he had mad so many enemies no one was sorry to see him go. If he had been honest with Long he might still be here but he lied and not many can get away with doing that in any line of work.

Cool because I respects everyone’s right to their opinions & beliefs including their right to disagree to with mine. I find it a quite interesting fact I have never had anyone outside of Razorback nation take exception when I rave about Bobby Petrino’s success at Arkansas or even Brandon Allen. But for all they have done to my Alma Mater… The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville West of Dickson Street, one would think they have committed the greatest crimes against all of mankind. That is lying to Jeff Long and a few bad untimely interceptions by BA.

You have never heard me say anything about a conspiracy to fire CBP, so it is not something we disagree with? CBP was fired with cause at the leisure of Jeff Long. I didn’t agree with his decision because I felt it was over punishment that would result in what we have now. I could have been wrong if CBB was a halfway decent coach, but history has proven & validated my concern. Next coach that wins like CBP will be the next University of Arkansas at Fayetteville West of Dickson Street coach that I will rave about just like I did with Holtz, Nutt, & Hatfield.

If my boss were fired today I wouldn’t cry either, but we are all focused at work due to leadership with a passion to be successful. I hope we don’t pay the next guy $4 million to run a daycare center.

Hog Authority. What would you think about Brent Benables or Jeremy Pruitt as HC ?

The choices of Head Coach tell me more about you than my thoughts I can share about them :slight_smile:

I like your thinking because it suggest you want to see defense at Arkansas for real. But to answer your question, both are viable options although I like Jeremy Pruitt a lot better than Venables. If it is announced it is Pruitt, I will be very excited. If it is Venables, I will wait to see who we went after, he may be our best available option.

I will be honest with you; as much as I like Petrino and what he did; I thought the JLS plan was sound and would work at least to have us remain a top 10 team. When Bielema was hired I thought it may be another coup like I insist the Petrino hire was a coup. But it did not take Long until CBB starting trash talking as UA Head Coach. I thought he was a big mouth then about what all he would do in SEC. He took a lot of positions that I thought were embarrassment to the University (i.e. wanting more time to rest between plays in the name of player safety). In many ways his mouth, demeanor and actions were more embarrassing to my Alma Mater than learning of the affair that CBP attempted to cover up. I reference CBB’s flop at the Alabama player trying to draw a penalty as another example.

With all that said, right now, my focus is to just have hope. It has been 6 years since we were above the baseline expectations for UA football set by Frank Broyles. I want commitment to win PERIOD; and not a willingness to lose at any cost in the name of not winning at any cost. To get hope, there are a number of very good coaching options. Short of picking CMA; I have never successfully picked who the UA would hire as a coach.

But if I was asked by Board of Trustees, Razorback Foundation or similar for my thoughts on what to do now… it would be quick, clear & decisive. I would wait until after LSU game, but I would reassign Jeff Long, and dismiss CBB & Paul Rhoads this Sunday. It will cost what it will cost. I would name Dan Enos interim head coach while starting a search for a new AD. I worry more about who will be the new AD than getting a good coach. When we get a good AD; we will get a good Head Coach.