I'm not sure I would ever take Trey Thompson off the floor other than to get him rest.

Thompson, is by far the smartest and most unselfish player on the team.

We really need Anton Beard to find his defense this week especially. We know Kevaughn Allen and Leon hate us, and when Allen gets hot, he gets on fire.

I wonder if we would be hanging another banner at BWA if Monk, Allen , and Portis were playing together at Arkansas. Well, I don’t wonder really, we would, maybe two.

Whether he’s collecting 11 rebounds like last night or making 6 assists as in the previous game, he is really helping us win, not by scoring so much, though he gets some key baskets, but by doing everything else so well. We are a better team now than a month ago and one of the main reasons is the emergence of Trey Thompson.

Trey does play well and makes an immediate impact. We are better with Trey and Mosses on the floor. Trey could score more if he were looking to score he passes up open shot for others all the time. His rebounding has always been there when he gets on the floor. Trey’s passing ability and his vision for the game is unique. It fun and enjoyable to watch the plays he makes.

With Moses in early foul trouble, Trey played his most minutes of the season and came through in shining fashion. Although he did look really gassed late in the first half at one point. Cook and Thomas also stepped up with Kingsley in foul trouble all night!

Glad to see someone label one of CMA players “Smart”. For whatever reason, Trey Thompson took unfair criticism of his play. He has been a project for CMA since Day 1; but you have to wonder his confidence the way some obnoxious fans go after some of these kids. So much for the CMA can’t develop them naysayers. I am from Forrest City and what we are seeing is only tip of iceberg from what I have seen Trey can do. In HS he would take those wide open jumpers, but at this level he does not have to with a Hannahs, Macon, Beard and Barford on the team.

I am sooooo pig sooooie proud that he is finding his way and having a coming out of sorts. If you like Thompson’s passing, wait until you see RJ Glasper. Looking forward to seeing Allen, Beard, & Thompson all on the floor again. Thinking we have grown a lot with the Juco players now playing their roles. I like our chances over Florida.

Not sure why you like our chances over FL, we haven’t won their in 22 yrs, and we’ve played quite a few times there. They have two guys that consider this their Super Bowl game, they would rather beat us than win the lotto. FL beat KY by 20 there.

It will take all hands on deck, tremendous defense, tremendous shooting, we need to handle the ball much better than we did in Fayetteville, they’re one of the best teams in the nation at turning turnovers into points.

Wow, I didn’t think I would be “pretty stupid” for believing Hogs could win an SEC Basketball game at Florida on a Razorback site? But apparently I am, because I do? Suspect I was gorgeously stupid for thinking we would win at Columbia, at Stillwater, and at home in BWA against MSU and Vanderbilt?

Don’t matter how many times in a row a coin lands on tails, the next one is always 50/50. The 22 year streak is going to end and it might as well be now. At the end of the day this is simply #2 seed SEC team versus #3 seed SEC team. We are better team today than earlier in the year. Florida is coming off a loss, and they lost their center last week to an ACL.

Of course we have to play well in all areas. Can’t have a player chunking up & going 0-5 from 3 pt land. Can’t get in foul trouble, must have MK playing like MK at the opening tip, need Beard to be Beard, & Trey to keep doing his magical things, and feed Barford, Hannahs & Macon. Hogs go in and get the the W. Write dat down.

I’m sorry dude, didn’t mean to sound like I was calling you stupid. I just meant no one anywhere in Vegas will be putting money on the Razorbacks in this one. It will take a tremendous effort, and all hands on deck to pull an upset down there…

I’m stupid :wink:

Me too I guess! :o

Don’t feel bad, a lot of people are afflicted with that ailment these days.

This team has exceeded my expectations overall although it took a long time to have the roster gel together and understand everyone’s role.
I have been wanting to see more time every game with Moses and Trey on the floor together all year long and still need to see more. We play our best when we have those two bodies down low to provide size in the paint while allowing our athletic guards to ball hawk on defense for turnovers which lead to transition points.
We have enough good depth at guard that those four can be rotated so that none of them should ever foul out of a game or get tired.
The same can be said for getting Moses and Trey a breather a couple of times each half however at different times to ensure that one of them is always on the court. Thomas, Cook, Watson and Bailey can come in and provide that rest during each half depending on the matchups.
If Coach A will utilize this type of roster utilization it will give us our best opportunity to compete the rest of the way.
I hope to see a starting lineup consisting of Barford, Macon, Hannah’s, Kingsley and Thompson.
We need Thompson on the court setting solid screens for our guards, making great assists, rebounding and making the game easier for Moses.
I have no prediction on the game at Florida, it will be a tough game to win but these guys are playing with a confidence that they didn’t have a month ago. However, they can’t sleep on a pretty darn good Georgia team coming to Fayetteville this weekend that still has an outside chance of getting an at large bid if they win out and win a game or two in the SEC tournament.

Go Hogs!

I think it may be over the top to say someone is stupid! Everyone knows it take the complete roster to make a team. In saying that the energy and passing ability of Trey rubs off! All of our hogs are important and we all want all of them to fill up the stat sheet.

I know, most of the ESPN 2 audience knows also…