I'm locked out of the premium forums, again.

Seems like this happens every week. Any ideas?

Adam, I posted a note at the top of this board that a few may have temporary login issues tonight because of a server reboot. If you allow cookies to be saved, it should prevent you from being locked out during that time. Do you allow that on your browser?

Nothing is wrong with your account. Rebooting this server is something we had to do tonight.

I’m still locked out. Will you please provide a number to call for help? Thanks Matt.

EDIT: My bad, Matt; I found it up top.

I’m locked out as well, can someone point me in the right direction?

Be sure to go to Log IN at top just under banner. Not a joke. I had this problem and this solved it.

I was trying to respond to a drop down sign; that did not work.

Whenever that happens, go to the logout link in the upper left corner. Logout, then log back in using the login link in the same place.

I found this thread after 3 days of not being able to to login to the forums. This is about the third time in 5/6 weeks of having the same problem. It shouldn’t be this hard multiple times.

Customer service will be reaching out to you tomorrow morning.

Me too.