I'm confused....

Is the student government wanting to rename the court or the arena after Nolan Richardson?

WHS is saying the court and Saturday Down South is saying the arena.

The Court.

Not the Arena.

Seriously? You really thought for even a second they wanted the Walton name off the arena? Beaaaahahaha

Nope, that’s why I asked about the conflicting reports.

I guess we won’t be seeing you if we win tonight right?

Yeah, Saturday Down South is such a great source of SEC basketball news.

If Andy Kennedy’s (or Billy as you call him) team beats us tonight, we deserve the quiet March we’ll get.

You still thinking 24 or 25 wins this year?

That’s good. I’m all for honoring Nolan is some way, but not reneging on an agreement. Correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t have a good memory. However, as I recall, Walton gave $30 million to build the Arena and in consideration we named it after him.

The arena cost somewhere around $32 million. Bud Walton gave $15 million, roughly half of it. My recollection is that Bud didn’t really care if it was named after him, but JFB insisted.

I’m here Bubba, relax and enjoy it

I think Billy Kennedy is doing a great job

Dang Billy, timeout. lmao

I’ll buy your version as being correct.

I’ll buy your version as being correct.