If you want to play full court press

Watch Texas vs Ole Miss on ESPN2, they actually know how to do it

Actually West Virginia - nicknamed Press Virginia - is the one to watch.

The Mountaineers have forced 382 turnovers to Texas’ 251.

Arkansas has forced 289.

Good point, I guess that’s why West Virginia is 16-4 in one of the best basketball conferences in the land, and we’re just hoping to make the tournament…,

Maybe you should mention Press Virginia to MA. I completely agree with you, but we’re not getting any better under our current ‘system’

If I remember right we beat ole miss week 'did we not, oh yeah we just beat them by 3. WV. win against ole miss DIDNT count for anymore of a win than ours did last week.

Just be glad we’re not playing WV, they’d slaughter us


Sometimes folks just want to complain.
The last time I looked we have a NCAA championship banner and by the way MA was the assistant coach on that team.
MA also took Missouri to a 31-3 record one season.
I don’t think he has to talk to anybody about how to win. Sometimes players make defensive plays and sometimes they don’t. Today we failed to make shots. We still won. I’d rather win than loose and shot over 50% like we did at MooU.

Not interested in Texas I watched them last year…

http://texassports.com/boxscore.aspx?pa … ll&id=9701

I was shocked hat UK came back from down 17 at West Virginia to pull away and win by an easy margin, no last second drama.
Unfortunately, this UK team is starting to figure things out and that’s not a good thing for the rest of the SEC and the Hogs.
That was an incredible hostile arena at UWV and they were able to overcome, the BWA environment probably won’t be a factor when UK comes to play because they grew up yesterday. We have had recent home court success with UK and hope that continues, but they won’t be intimidated by the atmosphere.
UWV is a horrible shooting team, and relies on turning you over to win games which is what they did to UK in the first half. Second half, a different story.

Hogs will have to shoot better in order to finish any better than .500 in the conference with their remaining schedule.

Oh, by the way Bob Huggins has been a Head Coach for more than 30 years and hasn’t ever won a National Championship, much like Eddie Sutton never did.
Both stressed defense, but didn’t score the ball enough or build a championship roster. Both very successful coaches, just not Championship Coaches.

Go Hogs!

Kentucky has the same problem the hogs have they have mental lapses where they fail to play defense and move the ball onthe offensive end. If you can limit Kentucky to 1 shot you can beat them.

That was in the distance past. Basketball has evolved so what was successful in the past, is failure today.

Watched an average Iowa State team destroy West Virginal last night.