if noone sees a comment in the woods does it make a sound

Arkansas is 10-2 since losing to A&M last season, Ragnow won an SEC award, and recruits reacted to our win over Texas St. Just a few things people used to talk about but don’t anymore. Just thought I would bring some topics I got out to the virtual woods here if there’s anyone out here who would like to comment on them.

Wow, your starting to catch on :shock:

Post the name of the article and make a comment…quit whining and just do it!!

Peter Noone makes all kinds of sounds. No Milk Today. A Kind of Hush. I could go on an on. My wife tried to kiss him back in the day.

Dang, Noone’s always into something good.

Aw, Mud. Most of the kiddies posting on this board are too young to get even one of those references.

Invoking the partial lyrics of an old Merle Haggard song of a previous generation, “I wish Coke was still Cola, - - and a joint was a bad place to be”.

Merle was reportedly also the one who first openly opined that Willie Nelson would unhesitatingly swallow a button should it be presented to him along with a shot of 90 proof.


So is Louisville :lol:

Maybe you aren’t the esteemed Nostra, maybe you’re BHH. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some folk identify with me, some refute me, some ignore me - - - - and NONE claim me.

It is apparently my lot in life to "suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune - - - ".

(No, baked, that is not a quote from the actor Don Knots’ TV character portrayal of “Barney Fife” of “The Andy Griffith Show”.

Now that is funny :!:

Merle is now sadly gone but you have rekindled the flame of what is now a long antiquated generational divide. Verified by your age as just being a mere 1/2 dozen years beyond me but literally in a different world and generational mindset. I was a long hair and drove a 455 HO that could about doubled the 95 MPH stated in these tunes which are a generational response to the conservative remarks made by Haggard in his country music as you noted. The first is the original in 1970 by Big Brother & The Holding which had backed Janis Joplin. The second is the more well known cover in 1974 by Pure Prairie League.




So we’ve been just as good record wise as Louisville? How can that be? With them having the super coach Petrino and us only have Bielema?

I wish to acknowledge your thought provoking post without venturing further afield here in a potentially high- risk, politically charged posturing soliloquy. I fear that I have already previously skirted altogether too closely to the edge of banishment as a result of my ill-considered foray into the murky, shallow waters of jeopardy. I’m going to let this stunted perch go right here and - hopefully - live to fish again.

I see you are no halfbakedhog. That was hilarious. Why can’t we all get alone. As Long as CBB is our coach, the old YKW will be lurking somewhere around. It will be better story if CBB can take A&M and get that monkey off his back. Beat A&M and all things are possible at home even with Bama coming to town. Somehow, I got a felling that we end up playing Louisville this year, even if we have to go to playoffs to do it. CBB is motivated and I can just sense the success of YKW is a part of it.

Honestly, I can see us being 6-0 and Louisville being 5-1. I’m interested in what the comments are then. Before anyone says NO WAY. I agree with HA. I believe the team is motivated to beat aTm and get the proverbial “monkey” off his back. Then we get Alcorn St. Like many I see that as a gimme (stat) game. However, that week, Louisville plays Clemson. Clemson has steadily been sliding down the polls and the media is saying “something’s wrong.” Clemson will be out to prove something, Louisville just did. I think Watson and Clemson will win. Then the following week we get Bama at home, but Bama has TN the following week and may get caught looking ahead. We may actually get to 6-0 while Louisville gets Clemsoned. Not sure we will get Louisville in a bowl, but it’s possible.

We need to change to Cardinal Lounge as the heading on this site. Every thread on this site is directed eastward towards Louisville. Bielema doesn’t care if Petrino wins an NC or falls off a damn cliff. The statement that Bielema is being motivated this season by Petrino would only come out of the mind of someone who is tr-----g. That is utterly ridiculous. Bielema took over the program from JLS. Only a handful of 5th year seniors on this team ever knew Petrino, they were recruited by him but none were ever coached by him. They are the only people up there that would give Petrino a second thought besides Jeff Long. I am sure Long would do everything in his power to make sure Arkansas & Louisville do not meet in a bowl. Arkansas is never matched up in the SEC in bowls with ACC teams to begin with but it would be solely at the discretion of the SEC front office to do so. That SEC front office is a place Long can most likely have negative input in avoiding any impetus forming to have an Arkansas/Louisville match-up in a bowl. I am sure our 5th year seniors will not weep over that. Arkansas is never going to schedule Louisville as long as Petrino is coach with Long our AD. The only way for the two to ever meet with Petrino coaching is the 4-Team playoff. The odds of that happening in the next ten years are minuscule.

Egg - ZACTLY!!!

To SilverFox: I didn’t figure you would bow out so kindly to my hippie blathering and obscure long hair musical ditties. I figured I would get a link in response of the 1969 HIT COUNTRY ANTHEM “Okie From Muskogee.” Haggard sure had no qualms back then about entering generational frays.

No, he didn’t. He very emphatically proclaimed in his songs that those who bad mouthed America were “walking on the fightin’ side of him”. Such overt patriotism was prevalent in a number of his charted hit songs.

I hesitate to involve myself too deeply into any thread discussions which smack of politically tinged composition, however generalized. I have been upbraided, abbreviated, blistered, berated, folded, spindled, mutilated and deleted by moderators on more than one occasion for such forays into proscribed, thin ice territory. I’m not looking to flame out in a blaze of glory here on WHS.

My acknowledging solicitations and my compliments to you, brother.

Politics are certainly a barred topic on all these sports boards and will get one a quick extended vacation if ventured into most anywhere. Those were very heated political times even overshadowing the heated discourse of the present days. I have discussed present day politics & old politics on YouTube to even have most posts deleted. Those Haggard songs reflect that very heated social climate of long ago a lot more than the hippie tunes I linked. Hippies were known for rather laid back approaches to life in general back then. Free love and all. We will drop it right there and peace, friend.