If I were Bielema I would spend more time teaching defense, and less time on TV.

Just read where he’s going to be on SEC Nation on Sat. Why, like he’s an expert on SEC Championships? I got more of a chance at winning the lotto than Arkansas has at being an SEC Champion next yr.

Dude, you just lost to a completely inferior Missouri team in a completely empty stadium, with more Razorback fans that MIZZOU fans, mostly from god awful coaching, than a lack of talent. I think I would stay off the TV, until I actually accomplished something if I were him.

I was wondering how long it would take someone to criticize Bielema being a guest commentator.

NCAA rules limit your contact with players when the regular season is over and there is also a limited amount of time you are allowed with players during the season

And it’s great exposure for the football program and was mentioned by several signees during the recruiting process

I know of no head coach who has ever turned down the opportunity and it would be foolish to do so

My bad, I guess it is crazy of me to think if I was coaching a team that was last in the entire nation in YPC, our coach would have more pride in himself to show his face anywhere, until that was fixed.
I’ll call my shrink later… :lol:

On the bright side, at least CBS will require him to take a shower and shave before the broadcast, first time all yr.

That comment is out of bounds. I sure hope you are clean-shaven or you are being hypocritical. It’s one thing to criticize the man’s coaching ability, his television appearances or anything else related to his JOB. To criticize a man’s personal hygiene, which you have no knowledge of, is wrong and is low for even the worst CBB hater.

Just ridiculous to say.

He and all the rest of the coaches are not shaving - as are many college football coaches and non-coaches such as polite and firemen - to raise awareness for cancer and are donating money to charity.

I’m sure he will shave in time for the appearance on Saturday because it will then be December 3.

Criticize the coach for his coaching all you want, but just know there is usually more to the story on many things - including the two you brought up today.


Yeah, I still haven’t shaved from No-Shave November 2014

It’s very hard to take anything you say seriously because of comments like this. I’m all for debating the good or bad of Bielema or the program, but you have a problem making clear informed posts without the personal attacks.

You guys are too sensitive, and I call it like I see it, donate money to cancer and shave. He looks unprofessional, if I showed up to work like that, they would send me home. I could say it was to give hair to cancer patients to the HOGS came home, and they would still tell me to go in the bathroom and shave, or go home.

Your just mad because you took the side of an absolute clear racist, that clearly made racist statements and banned my non racist responses, while allowing him to stay online a cpl yrs ago. I haven’t forgotten who you’re buddy. And now you’re overcompensating, because I said something granted, way rude an out of bounds, trying to make it seem like I say stuff like that all of the time, to justify you abusing whatever power those idiots were dumb enough to grant you.

I realize my comment was rude, I find it ridiculous that a guy who is responsible for that laughable defense would want to be on TV, I would be too ashamed of myself. And he should donate a million to cancer and shave, he looks out of shape and unprofessional… I don’t even sit in my LR by myself looking that bad. LOL…

So you are saying your not ashamed of yourself :shock: … hmmmm


Or finding someone to TEACH defense…

Whoa hoss! That is completely uncalled for. I remember you from the old boards and recall lots of people being called out or comments deleted, myself included. And most of us never said a racist thing, BUT I do recall those that did got banned or comments deleted all the time. Now I don’t know what person/incident you are referring to, but you are making a horrible misinterpretation of RD and what he did or didn’t do on the old boards. You need to calm down with your hearsay comments.

Me too! I have a full beard now.

Amazingly, the Credit Union I work for didn’t fire me for coming in unshaven.

Please stop donating money to Cancer.

Hahahahahaha… Pork… hahahahahahaha :lol:

A lot of folks should be ashamed of their grammar.

No, not in the slightest! It was a joke, if that bothers you, then you’re too sensitive. I don’t pat people on the shoulder and tell em they’re awesome, when they don’t deserve it. If they deserve it, then I will. This team was better on paper than a below .500 SEC record, he failed, and that’s the bottom line. And now instead of making the needed adjustments, he’s standing pat, probably for ego.