If I was the AD, I would hire Schiano.

Just because Tennessee slandered the living heck out of that completely innocent man. I feel bad for his family having to read and hear stuff like that. That dude isn’t responsible because that pedophile was molesting kids, and there’s NO PROOF he even knew about it, and if he did, there’s no proof he didn’t tell Paterno. Shameful behavior by Tennessee fans, that seems like something our fans would do, as stupid as some of ours are. Hogville is a pit of fake news, sexism, racism, egotism, lies, slander, unsubstantiated gossip, I’m almost certain Satan created Hogville. That being said, I read it every day though, pretty funny stuff in there…

I wouldn’t hire Schiano, but lets be honest, if Schiano was a big time winning coach, most of the Tennessee fan base would give a rip about his allegations. This is just a smoke screen to avoid the fact that he isn’t he home run hire that Tennessee fans think they can get.

Well, if there was as much traffic on this board as there is on Hogville, you couldn’t separate the outright lies and rumors from the truth here either.

And there is probably plenty of the first two categories posted here by the ten members of this board as well.

Not a chance! Another Big Ten no way!

we can all agree that it won’t matter who is hired - at Arkansas, at Tennessee, PoeDunk-U … there will be fans that don’t want him or her, will dust off news article is necessary (or make one up) to justify their position. I could easily expect that within 15 minutes after the announcement of the next Arkansas HC (coming in the next week), this board will be filled with slants, japs, woe’s-is-me’s, 'the devil has been hired rants, etc.

We all know it. Lets agree on that, then agree that we’ll all take it with a grain of salt (and a swig of JD) and move along without the omni-present hatred.

I’m gonna need more than “A” swig of JD (and would prefer Maker’s or Bullet) but you are correct. The last few hires saw exactly this behavior. Gonna be along few weeks