If i was JL I would fly over to Nashville and SECRETLY hire Derek Mason.

Arkansas could easily pay him more guaranteed money on the back end of a deal, give him 3.5 million a yr, about 500k cheaper than they’re paying Bielema, and a million dollars more than he’s getting at Vandy. And this is a guy that has no 5 * athletes at all the last 10 yrs, and only 12 total 4 * athletes the last 10 yrs, and he only lost one more game than Arkansas, and finished on a much more positive note, and looked way better against Auburn than Arkansas did.

Or that guy from Hawaii coaching NAVY, different style of offense, but it works. Could sign him for about a million less than we pay BIELEMA, which would pay off the pay out owed to him, in a few yrs. And we get a decent human being character guy, and about the same amount of wins, or even more.

Ken Niumatalolo turned down BYU last year and he is Mormon. Ken Niumatalolo isn’t leaving Navy for Arkansas.

I would love to have Derek Mason…

… as our DC.

People need to get it through their head, BIELEMA IS HERE TO STAY FOR NEXT SEASON!!! He will not be replaced. His buyout is TO BIG for us to fire him. So like it or not, he is here to stay for at least one more year.

These huge buyouts are why LSU couldn’t get the coaches they wanted. Them telling everyone money wasn’t an issue was a HUGE lie. And now, some of you want to put us in the same boat.

Get over it, he’s here to stay for a while longer.

GenHog is right. Because of Long Bielema is here until 2020 so any talk of firing him is crazy. Now if you want to convey your anger, simply do what I’m going to do. Stay home!

Our record since 1992, the year we entered the SEC:

Arkansas: 166-137-2. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Ole Miss: 160-140-0. 6 seasons at 9 or better
Miss State: 147-151-2. 4 seasons at 9 or better
Auburn: 207-100-2. 11 seasons at 9 or better

Data from http://www.sports-reference.com/