If I was a young kid again, I would definitely go to College at Arkansas

That environment for the Auburn game and Tennessee game was amazing. They might set all time noise records for the KY game. But if you’re a kid, that would be a heck of a fun experience… I don’t know how many recruits were there today, but they will be signing on soon, after that experience. LOL… It’s nice to see Arkansas players in the NBA not just barely hanging onto a roster spot, but playing at an extremely high level also…

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Didn’t you say that Tennessee would beat us 3 times? Now you love our environment? Pick a lane, dude, because you look like a fool.

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He just picked the wrong team to win today! Maybe he will learn to pick the hogs at home no matter who they are playing!

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Jeremy, and your aliases, in all truthfulness, I lost more brain cells than you will ever have, and I’m not kidding " dude."

Nothing better than Hog love. Best fans in the country. Including all former Hogs. Loyal to a fault. Proud to be one of them.


Okay, back to Tennessee beating the Hogs three times this year. Did the Vols get jobbed by the refs or was there simply a scoreboard malfunction?

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The jab by the refs went both ways. If you had the heart to take the ball up inside your were going to take punishment most of the time with the benefit of a whistle.

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