If BL jr beats LSU, he earned the job..LOL

In the meantime go down and try and hire lil Kiff or Norvell.

Second choices Sammy P or Eric B

Third choice: Houston Nutt, although we have too many idiots that still don’t like him, for absolutely no reason on earth, that I can see. These same people are responsible for the last 12 yrs of Arkansas football, the same fools that ran off Lou Holtz BTW, before that…

I didn’t agree with Holtz politically, but he was a great football coach back then.

Interesting quote from Bob Stoops today:"Well you never know what the Lord is going to bring you,” Stoops said.

"Everybody wants ya to define your life at every age. At 50, they wanted me to know what I was going to do the rest of my life. And at 55, and now at 59, everyone thinks you gotta…you know, who knows what I’ll be doing next year or the year after.

“You don’t know what you’re going to be doing next year. And the good Lord is the only one who knows. We’ll see where things end up for me.”

Now we’re talking write the big check. Call Jerry. Call Tyson. Call JB Hunt. Heck, Call Wal-Mart.

Lol our defense is not going to make that much improvement to beat LSU.

I like the fact that Bob Stoops is a man of God, but this SEC is no joke, if he got frustrated in Oklahoma, would he be patient enough to rebuild Arkansas?

But yes, I would ask him in a heartbeat, and see if we can’t outbid FSU again…

Jim, no doubt, it would be a true miracle for sure, twice the size of the miracle on Markham.

If the money is right, he would patient enough. If you can win in Oklahoma, why can’t you win in Arkansas? Big 12 or whatever it is, is not the SEC, I get it. But Oklahoma has so much tradition, what happen to that tradition in Arkansas? They even have a legit in state rival. They still recruit and win.
Why not Arkansas?

I agree! I would look at it for sure. You can win at Arkansas, but it takes time and patience. Once Arkansas gets on the map again, they will improve exponentially in recruiting. But yes, it’s going to take all of our money people uniting on this one, because Arkansas is still kind of buried under from the last two disasters. But again, I like the fact that he’s a man of Christ, that works for me personally…

Certainly doesn’t hurt. And can you imagine the XFL over living in Fayetteville and coaching in the SEC? Unless he’s trying to get the Cowboy job, Dallas Cowboy job,then I don’t get it.

I agree, I would certainly try, it cannot hurt to try…