If Bielema stays... who goes?

If Bielema stays who has to go?

  1. Kurt Anderson - dream replacement Ed Warinner… possibly Ryan Grubb
  2. Dan Enos - Rhett Lashlee or Give OC to Warinner if it gets him here
  3. Paul Rhoades - Brent Venables please… tell him he’s the head coach in waiting
  4. ?Ben Herbert? - someone who will have these guys conditioned well enough to last for four quarters

That looks like a multiple choice question.
Is there a box or circle for all the above.

We have to be willing to pay the price for top assistants who can recruit.

  1. I think everyone agrees
  2. Not sure on this one, but I think he may leave anyway
  3. Yes, never understood him being promoted, just wasn’t ever impressive to me
  4. Yes, people have argued since the first season with me about him. I have seen us get tired and pushed around all four years. Get someone who takes it as a challenge to push Bama around

However, I don’t think we land any of those guys to replace them. Kind of Chip Kelley category. Pipe dream

  1. Gone 2. Keep 3. Gone 4. Gone, if CBB is staying he has to have better help and add a special teams coach it’s my understanding we do not have one at this time that is designated for the job. WPS

I stayed on the Bielema bandwagon until the A&M game. Losing that game again, spoke volumes, in my opinion. Should he manage to stay, then Jeff Long had better somehow retain Barry Alvarez to mentor and “coach up” the head coach, because I truly believe that is exactly what was going on at Wisconsin.

In all seriousness, I really hope that we carefully hit the reset button. Find a young minded, talented, up and comer with some fire in his belly. There are a number of them out there, as alluded to by many. Twice the coach for half the pay.

The option that’s most likely, IMO, you do not list.

That’s BB staying and not replacing any assistant. Holding on to what he’s got because by now even he must realize why he can’t hire a decent assistant coach. Or keep one when he is fortunate enough to hire them. The one constant is the man himself.

It’s what I believe will happen. Although, there may be an assistant or more leave on their own.

If Bielema stays then I imagine most of the season ticket holders go. The rest really doesn’t matter.

That may happen. I did it in the middle of HDN’s tenure here. So I would certainly understand how it could happen, although, I don’t think it will.

Too many folks attend games for reasons other than watching their home team win. Attending Arkansas football games has become a social event for a large swath of the fans, period. Sure they will walk out if the score get too one-sided. But A loss by the home team does not spoil their day in the least.

I do think a significant decline in ticket sales is the only way Long will ever fire BB, because he does want/need the money; although it wouldn’t happen until after the 2018 season.

I disagree with you. I still think the backend of the schedule is favorable. Ole Miss lost Shea, Missery and Coastal aren’t that good. That gives us 5 wins. Can we split LSU/Mistake? That’s the question. LSU’s games so far this year, they’ve played to the level of their competition. Losses to Mistake and Troy, beating aTm and AUB. Now they have two weeks to prepare for Bama, then they play us, if Bama beats them they can have a let down against us. So, in my opinion, 6 wins and a bowl aren’t impossible. If that does happen, then many of the fire him Now crowd won’t be saying that, because he will win 4 of last 5 + probably the bowl game. So, winning 5 of 6 and making a bowl after a 2-5 start will change a lot of perceptions. I’ve said this before, look at next year’s schedule. There isn’t a good P5 OOC Team, and we have Vandy and Missery in the back end. 6 games should be a minimum. I can see three of the other teams making changes to their coaching staffs (HC’s). So 9 games next year isn’t out of the question. The following year looks similar with KY instead of Vandy.

Hard to understand how - after seeing the product on the field this season and for much of the previous 4 seasons, why someone would change their perspective if Arkansas gets to 6-6 and a Bowl Game this year.

Run off the field - again - year to year - by the top 30 percent of the league (minus a small number of exceptions). Perspective might change but only if one likes being in the middle to lower end of the pack.

My guess is … few will change their mind after seeing the first seven games this year … and remembering what the end of last season …

That’s a lot of ifs you have there. Very optimistic take.

I see us beating Coastal and Missouri to finish 4-8. If CBB is retained after that then there is no doubt in my mind ticket sales will suffer.

Nine games next year??? Bless your heart!

And we won’t beat Missouri this year.

If the hogs get beat by Missouri they should just shut down the football program all together. By the way they have pretty much already quite.

This team isn’t as good as Missouri and that’s bad. We started the year with 6 or 7 good players after 5 years of CBB’s recruiting and they are mostly all hurt and out.

Tough year… But forget all the injuries and the poor recruiting, the pitiful halftime adjustments not to mention the weak defensive effort every game and the special team’s play, just watch CBB on the sideline coaching during a game. The guy is so lost and confused and in over his head.

What a terrible conference for CBB to be a head coach. I was sick to my stomach for a year when CBP got canned but truly thought CBB was a good hire. But I was wrong again.



I have to disagree with any talk that this team has the ability to win 4 of its final 5 games. Seriously, what have you seen to suggest such a thing?
They can’t win a road game much less a home game against Florida A&M and NMST.
This team will finish no better than 4-8 and that’s if they can even beat Missouri to end the season and I have my doubts about that game because Missouri can score and we can’t.
Plus, we just lost our only legitimate D1 O-Lineman in Ragnow.

As for next season, if major development doesn’t happen then we will start the season 2-4. If we resemble this team next season we will get beat at Colorado State without a doubt and if you take a look at the history of Hog vs Wildcats since joining the SEC they actually lead the series. So, while the backend of next years schedule should be soft most years, when those teams see the Hogs on their schedule they think the same thing you’re suggesting - a game they can win.

I don’t see anything that suggests we could be any better than 6-6 next season.

If Bielema stays Long should be on the chopping block. There is no way that CBB should stay. This program is as awful as I have ever seen them and that includes under JLS. It’s shameful to keep this man. He is hired to win…PERIOD>

Agreed… PERIOD

I base it off of actually watching games. I don’t watch Arkansas and Dallas (my two favorite teams) and no other teams. I try to watch every game that’s on. Every team has issues. Yes, I posted that before I saw Ragnow was out, but doesn’t change the FACT, that Ole Miss lost their QB. Coastal isn’t a good team. Missery is awful. In my opinion Bret only has to win five. Next year’s schedule is weak whether you think so or not. 6 is a guarantee. Nine should be expected.

However, a loss to a Shea less Ole Miss, a loss to Coastal Carolina, or a loss to Missery, and I won’t argue the Bret should be fired statement. However, if he doesn’t win nine next year, or the new coach doesn’t win nine next year, the Long should be fired with cause and forfeit their buyouts, immediately

The only way to get Venables would be as head coach. Not a bad idea. He won the Broyles Award. Perfect timing.