I'd say A for effort,

C for execution and B for winning. But a 2-10 season.

I give A for win.

Don’t care about anything else.

Started a True freshman QB, threw a pick early but kept his poise & threw a TD & some nice runs. Took a hard hit, came back. Went 10-16.
RB over 100 yds again. Other RB’s ran hard.
Defense Shut out a team that 2 ranked teams couldn’t do. Even after a big play late, we buckled down & stopped m. Got 6 sacks, multiple hurries. Created turnovers.
Special teams dominated all around, except for 1 bonehead play.

Got a Win!

Grade A all around.

It’s good to see smiles on faces of the players…that = A

The win is big. I am concerned about our depth as we may have a bunch of injuries and we were short on personnel already. Rebuilding is not a quick thing to get done.

Lot of negativity after a win. I wouldn’t count this team out from winning at least one more, perhaps next week. We’ll see.

Technically Rakeem’s last carry knocked him down below 100.

He finished with 99.

Defense A
Effort A
Special Teams B
Offense C

Only B for special teams? What else should they have done for A?

I thought they were outstanding.

Not get stupid penalties

Fair enough