I would overlook Arkansas if I were LSU, truthfully they could take 3 QRTR’s completely off, and throw 5 pick six’s, and still win..LOL

I would take the week off if I were them, they still have a cpl good teams left to play. But I do think an LSU vs Clemson matchup in the NC game or Semifinal will be one heck of a football game.

All kidding aside, if Arkansas can just play tough, not turn the ball over, tackle well, play with pride, I would be proud of them. I remember their new coach went down to Tuscaloosa several yrs back, as huge underdogs and pulled out kinda a miracle…

See no way to win at LSU. That is how far down the program has fallen. LSU will be able to score at will

One year when OU went undefeated they asked Switzer at the end of the year if he had any regrets. He said, “That we actually spent a day getting ready for Iowa State.” That is how LSU will feel if they spend a day getting ready for us.

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That type of attitude overlooking opponents is how we got here! Playing music at practice and show boating and not working on defense. You play like you practice!
If the hogs start playing with some heart and physical toughness I will be proud! Especially on defense. The horrible offense won’t get much better this season.
The hogs beat LSU once several years ago when they were #1 but I don’t expect that happen.