I would be fine with Gus coming home..

I didn’t agree with what happened there at the end of his tenure as OC, his players caused way too big of a distraction before that bowl game in Orlando, which cost us that game…IMHO… I believe as I recall one even flew down on a private plane? WTH? They could have threw a fit after the season, it could have waited another week, so there were no distractions.

That being said, no REAL man of God would hold a grudge that long, I forgave Gus a cpl yrs ago for that, and there were mistakes made both ways in that whole mess. So with that being said, I have no problem bringing Gus home, if he’s so inclined. Not sure he would want to leave the fertile recruiting grounds of that GA/AL border, but if he does, I would be thrilled to have him back home… I think we as fans need to quit the pettiness, and be as God would want us to be, and that is to forgive and forget… Just my OPINION, FEEL FREE TO ROAST!! I PROBABLY WONT RESPOND THOUGH, TOO MANY OTHER CONCERNS…

I think Norvell would be great also, he’s a young, enthusiastic, local guy, his offense is awesome, either way I’m fine with…

Gus is staying at Auburn so let’s end that speculation. I like the idea of Norvell and also Chad Morris. If you want to think out of the box then how about Kiffin?

Gus is too polarizing a figure in Arkansas too many either love or hate him. I think he would immediately fracture the fanbase and we have had enough of that. As smashmouth suggested I would love Norvell or Morris and think Neal Brown needs to be looked at.

If Gus was successful & made Arkansas football successful again, doubt that too many fans would remain polarized.

He has been successful everywhere he has coached so fans should have overlooked any bias or petty differences.

Gus waited for the Arkansas job, we rejected him, & now he has helped to revitalize Auburn football.

Unfortunately Gus may be a lost opportunity since that ship has likely already sailed & moved on - our loss.

Comments: I like Gus, and I think he would be successful here