I will be happy with...




In that order. What say ye now that the Gus Bus has crashed?







I honestly like that you know what you want.

Okay, let’s take the emotion out for a second and just talk football. We have choices of Kiffin, Norvell and Morris so let’s forget about personalities and just talk about football.

Kiffin has experience and has won everywhere he’s been at. Did a great job at Bama running their offense and now at FAU led them to a conference championship his first year. He runs an offense from multiple sets, uses a duel threat QB that has worked at Bama and FAU.

Norvell, 2nd year HC, 34 yrs old who runs a spread passing attack with a pocket passer. In the SEC and at Ark this is a recipe for disaster. We have that already here and our QB’s have been getting killed.

Morris, the guy who installed the offense that Clemson is running now using a duel threat QB and we happen to have a good one in the state by the name of Bohanon. We have all been wanting a better presence in Texas for recruiting and who better to recruit Texas other than a Texas H.S. legend.

This is a no brainer to me. Kiffin is a homerun hire. Next best fit would be Morris and then if only option would be Norvell who would be learning on the job.

Wow…Arkansas under Bielema has been running a Spread Offense like Norvell this whole time? How did I miss that?

If Kiffin is hired and fails to produce within a 3-year time span, pressure will be build to effect his termination, - - leaving Arkansas once again on the hook for many millions of bucks in a contract buyout.

On the other hand, if Kiffin should happen to succeed wonderfully, taking Arkansas to - say, 9-3 or 10-2 and a lucrative bowl or two, - he would be highly sought after by higher-paying and more prestigious programs, and would be gone from Fayetteville at the drop of a hat. Arkansas would be nothing more than a temporary stepping stone for Kiffin. He would cost us big bucks - - and leave us in the lurch.

That is a good analysis. I think Norvell has potential, but we target Kiffin and Morris first.

That could be true of any coach on this list.

True, - - but not every coach has a $6,000,000 to $7,000,000 annual price tag.

I’ve been known to drop a few quarters into slot machines upon rare occasions; - - but I don’t patronize the $20 a throw “high roller” machines.

Looks like your third choice…and mine…is going to get the hire. Damn I wish Venables was in the mix.


We could get Kiffin for 3-3.5 easily. If he left us after 3 years of 10-2, well then our program would be in better shape for the next coach.


Everyone is talking about spread offense. Novel’s offense, his defense gave up over fifty. Morris’ offense.
Georgia held Auburn to what?
Did anyone watch Clemson? VENABLES!!! Hopefully he is the mystery candidate. On Tuesday following the Broyles’ Award announce him as the head coach of the University of Arkansas Razorback football program. Look at some of the recent winners of that award.
He deserves and has earned the opportunity.

How many good coaches really want to come to Arkansas and coach in the Sec West? This has to be one of the toughest jobs in football to be consistently competitive at and it just got tougher with Jimbo moving into the mix. Hoping for the best !! WPS

I’ll concede your point. However, I still STRONGLY feel that Kiffin would be merely a very temporary stopgap choice, and would shortly be gone - - whether he produced good results - or whether he didn’t.

Needless to say, I have no input into this momentous decision; - - - but I’m not at all enthused about Kiffin’s candidacy.

I would think Strong is in the mix somewhere. We need a defensive minded approach. Lots of people have their views on our best shot is trying to outscore everyone. We have to stop the bleeding on defense.