I see the same issue as last year

When we’re forced into a half court offense, we have two players moving, and three just standing around

We don’t have enough front court legitimate players to worry Top tier teams that do have talented bigs, so it a half court game make things pretty simple for them. Gafford is good and will be great by the time he leaves for the draft, but hopefully not until after at least his Junior year, but other than that no real threats down low.
I believe Coach A will need to go to a more athletic lineup with Gafford, Bailey, Hall, Barford and Macon to try and get the uptempo game they need to be successful and just use Thompson, Thomas, Beard and C.J. to try and still some minutes each half to give those guys a couple of breathers.
The better teams will do to us what you saw today with North Carolina.
The SEC will be much more difficult this year and if we finish any better than 5th I would be surprised.
Having said that, the conference will most likely get at least six teams in the NCAA Tourney and anything short of making the Tournament again would be a failure.

I think he (CMA) addressed some of those issues for next years class. This group reminds me of the 88-89 team, you can see the improvements and what the young guys can be. I think next year will be more in line with the 89-90 team, and by 2020 we will see a team closer to the 93-95 teams