I might be biased, but I generally tell it how it is, good or bad

Arkansas’ recruiting class is significantly underrated by ESPN and to a lesser degree 247 Sports.

I mean they’re not on the same page as Alabama, GA, A&M, in recruiting, Alabama is on their 15th top 3 recruiting class in a row. Nick Saban is far and away the greatest recruiter in the history of the game, and no one else is even close. Jimbo Fisher is really good also…

But I think ESPN dissed and significantly underrated Dubinnion from GA, that kid has some unbelievable talent on film. If he puts in the work at Ark, he’ll be in pro football. He’ll have multiple 1000 yard seasons at Arkansas, he has that kind of upside.

Sategna is one of the best route runners in this class, and he catches everything you throw at him. I think he was rated a little low, because the experts probably thought he had it easy in high school, playing in Fayetteville… He will be a 1000 yard receiver in college, and success in the pros is likely…

There wasn’t a lot of film on Kutas because he played at a private school in Memphis. But once he gets into a college weight program, and the trainers go to work on him, he will be one of the top Guards in the SEC, but it won’t happen immediately…

Nico Davillier is the most underrated player in the country. I have no clue if ESPN was sleeping when they evaluated him, but he will be stud in college and in the pros, he has an excellent NFL inside Swim technique already, gets off of blocks well, and wraps up tackles at a high level. He’s not someone that will generate a lot of pressure on the QB, but his run stopping ability places him as a top ten DT in college football.

Quincy McAdoo might as well be side by side with Treylon Burks, I see Treylon when I look at McAdoo on film. He runs the ball well, and keeps the rock high and tight, and does so while running a consistent 4.4, which is rare for kids. Meaning he’s not focussed on getting a good time, he’s focussed on getting in the end zone. Arkansas quietly assembled the best receiving class in the nation, and the good part is, no one knows it, they will catch people off guard…

And I think Harris and Chamblee were rated about where they’re right now, but clearly they will do a great job protecting KJ from edge rushers in the SEC. They’re going to be able to lineup and get a push against great DL in this league…

Not exactly sure why Myles Rowser hasn’t signed yet. But I actually have him as the top DB recruit in the country right now. He has elite ability to read the QB and get INT’s, he will lead the nation as a freshman in INT’s next season.

what brand of razorback red glasses are you wearing?? Are you telling me our coaches are going to make our signees better than Bama and GA? A&M and Missouri rang the bell and so did KY compared to us. We got better, but as usual so did the whole bam SEC. I don’t give a flip about we think of Drink, it is obvious the kids dig him, even more confounding as to how Jimbo gets anyone to sign and not laugh at him. Congratulations to Sam and friends, but none of the kids you mention are any more underrated than most program classes throughout the SEC, cannot assume they will play their best all of the time or even most of the time. I hate HUDL for how good it can make a kid look. The kids staying on are bigger to next year than any recruits we got. I like everyone you mentioned but am bothered that we are not on any QB’s.

I have not seen either play, but have talked to West Tennessee coaches and they tell me both Lewis and Brown are players. I am a big fan of Defensive backs, especially if they can cover and can tackle. I have heard both of these guys are physical and can tackle. Of course with Catalon back we have the potential of a bell cow in the secondary, so I am hoping for a continued upgrade in our secondary. Get the transfer from the Aggies and we may really improve.

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Ray, take this guy with a tall glass of Miralax. Which is what he sorely needs for himself.

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How can McAdoo at 6’2" 175" lbs match up with Burks? It doesn’t add up. He could be a burner but he’s not the big body type that just overwhelms DBs and creates mismatches along the sidelines that leave defensive coordinators shaking their heads. And, oh those huge hands! Burks is bigger (heavier) than one of our incoming tight ends. Dude, are you from Clarendon?

Not saying our coaches or as good as Nick Saban, but what was the number of 5 stars we had this year vs how many Alabama had?

Hmmmm!!! LOL

He may not have meant it as literal as you read it, most know that Burks was a generational type player and is gifted with unique physical attributes, but as Clay pointed out in a thread about sleepers in this class, McAdoo is a very physical player.

That’s great to hear. Physicality is not dependent on size alone, as the saying goes about the size of the fight in the hog. Attitude and desire are more important. He obviously has that or he would not have earned a consensus 4-star rating. I wonder if he has stopped growing in height. If not, he could certainly add weight proportionately. It would be wonderful to see another generational talent come along in a couple of years. The OU transfer could be the stopgap in between.

This was the worst Alabama team in recent years. Still good but not dominant. Injuries hurt them more than normal. But they also had a young team. We had a bunch of super seniors. The way Bama and Georgia recruit, the gap is going to widen in my opinion.

While you may be correct, I think, the Tide had two areas that were possibly not as talented as normal. One was obvious, they lacked a top level running back/game and it appears their secondary was not as dominant as usual.

Saying this was one of their worst teams in recent years, fails to give the Georgia team the credit I think it deserves for Monday’s play. Young, as the Heisman winner, is obviously very talented but the amount of pressure the Georgia defense put him under really impacted his effectiveness. There was no comparison in the the play of the Georgia defense in the SEC Championship and in this game.

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