I like this Transfer Portal

It gives school’s like Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss St, etc.etc. A chance to compete with the big dogs in recruiting…

Basically it is free agency for CFB…

It’s a 2 way street. The immediate need can be filled but you better have a back up plan! Plan A can fail and where are you? Right back where you started.
Recruiting is your bread and butter.
It’s non stop high school and JUCO needs to be your meat and potatoes.
The portal is like getting Christmas presents.

And remember most portal transfers are because the transferee is unhappy about his playing time.

That’s kind of irrelevant, the objective is to put a team on the field capable of winning championships. If someone is a 5th string trombone player, if he can help, take him…

This college free agency is definitely a help to perennial losers, which is why EVERYONE is doing it, and not just the losers.

Player development is the key! The portal is a quick fix to a long term problem. High School and JUCO is where it’s at. The misses on recruiting lest to your need in the portal.

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