I just saw a graphic on ESPN

that I think is idiotic, stupid and any other name you can think of. It was quote, Heisman
Watch My Lord, it is the first game of the year and besides that, the trophy is one of the most worthless trophies around anywhere. Only two or three positions are even considered and they have the audacity to call the winner the best player in College football. At this point in time it is meaningless who did what today.

Allen Austin’s name on that list?

I hear Brian Bosworth is re-enrolling at OU in a graduate program in an emergency defense fix. Les Miles threatened to take control of the offense himself at LSU if there was’nt better execution. And did you see that CHEESY grin on the face of Mullen at Miss St-looked like an audition for clown at Ringling Bros.

I did wonder about that grin.

Any thoughts about the discussion of the images/evauations of the game with LaTech? CBB needs to say to the team that the staff made mistakes-more that alluded to at the presser with WHS. Devwah gets more reps and get that frosh fullback in there! Let’s notch this thing up some. THEN CBB needs to take CKA and the OL aside and make sure they play like the BIG UGLIES they could be.HOGS YA’LL.