I hope the new D.C. is tougher than the last one, my LORD that defense was soft

I would workout 10 hrs a day the entire off season if I was on that defense last yr. Very soft boys on that defense, need some real men to come from somewhere. Auburn ran a 5k on the ground.

Worst D in 50 years. In the SEC west. That ain’t good.

this doesn’t matter, at this time next year we will all be giddy with the hiring of our new Head Coach. I foresee a John L. Smith season for Bert next year and he’ll be at Iowa talking smack about us. (I hope his baby looks like Bobby Petrino.)

You honestly believe that those guys don’t work their butts off trying to perfect their craft?

Classless and pathetic does not even begin to describe this post.

Beyond classless. I don’t understand the depth that posters like this one can go. Attacking his coaching ability is one thing, but to sink to personal jabs is another. Extremely low class.

Playing - and coaching - defensive football is essentially a 50/50 proposition. Either your defense is effective at inhibiting the opposition’s offense - or it isn’t. Your defense either disallows the opposing offense to score as many points as does your offense - or it doesn’t. Your defense either effectively performs its assigned task, and you win - or it fails to perform its assigned task and you lose. If the opposition outperforms your team on one particular side of the ball, you MIGHT stand a chance of overcoming the statistical shortfall and emerging with an ultimate victory. If your team should be outperformed on BOTH sides of the ball, then either your playing talent or your coaching talent are woefully deficient. If BOTH the players AND the coaching appear to be integrally suspect, then resign yourself to long term sorrow; your team’s fortunes are not going to miraculously turn around overnight. Indeed, if your program has struggled (and failed) to attain consistent competency for several years running, do not expect the current coaching complement to effect significant change for the better while maintaining their same focus on recruitment priorities, schematic formulas and basic skills honing.

Big-time college football is rife with “haves” and “:have nots” . Arkansas is a “have not”. It truly pains me to have to say it; but I honestly surmise it to be extremely likely that Arkansas will prove to continue to be a habitual, mediocre “have not” unless or until a RADICAL change in direction in the football program is implemented by the powers that be, motivated by a genuine, all-out effort to attain SEC quality competence in BOTH the players ranks and in the coaching ranks - on BOTH sides of the ball - regardless of where the axe may need to fall to carve away the hindrances to such a realistic quest for consistent excellence.

I’m a true, die-hard Hogs fan. However, I no longer believe that the Hogs football program is assiduously doing whatever needs to be done to engender program success. I’m profoundly saddened by that conclusion.

I am not thrilled about this hire!!! It appears CBB is only going to hire his old friends for the most part. If you continue to miss on hires, you will eventually go down.

Yes… I could see it by their preparation, their tackling, their being out of position time and again. So Yes…

Unequal results doesn’t always mean unequal preparation. Sometimes the guy lining up on the other side is just more talented than you. You can only prepare away that gap so much.

If you think that it’s a coaching issue in that we don’t have as much talent as other teams then fine. But it’s nonsense to suggest that these young men and coaches don’t put in the hours necessary.

Sadly, I have to agree with Reddiehog as well as the rest of us die-hard hog fans that are facing the facts here. Hiring good friends which in itself is ok but with a resume of being just above mediocre and that being in the big 10’s lower teams is not something to hoop & holler about. In the S E C west defenses are supposed to be an elite bunch unless of course you’re just content with carrying the jock straps for the remaining schools. I sure detest coming down so harsh on my fav college football team yet something needs to be done.

As DC, Coach Rhoads had 6 of his 9 defenses finish in the top 30 nationally. Two finishing in the top 10 (5th,9th) and one finished 12th. His 1 year at Auburn the defense finished 27th nationally. As head coach of Iowa State he did lead them to 3 bowl games in 7 years. While that may not scream “AWESOME”, if you look at ISU bowl history, ISU has only been to 12 bowl games in their entire history, 9 before Rhoads. He also gave them the only win against a top 5 team, in school history. Beating #2 Oklahoma State 37-31. The more I hear about coach Rhoads, the more I like the hire.

I’m with you on this hire, and I think CBB played this out the right way. Bring in an assistant with a good DC resume and some HC experience. If the current DC doesn’t improve the product on the field then you have one readily available that the players know and understand what he wants without having so much of a starting all over bonding process with a new coach and new style, scheme, terminology, etc.
Most of the other names mentioned here by everyone would have been stretch anyway, bringing them in here to consistently face SEC talent for the 1st time in their careers. At least Coach Rhoads now knows 1st hand what he is dealing with.