I hate to see my home state looking this bad, because there are a lot of good people there.

IMHO… i am not a fan of Bielema, I would hire Norvell from Memphis. Bielema doesn’t adjust well, his ego causes him to say and do stupid things, and he’s frankly not a good overall football coach. He is an excellent communicator, and the academic progress as much as it has been mocked, is a good thing.

But this is what needs to be done IMO… Recruit nothing but Defense for the next cpl yrs, build an athletic, strong, deep, defense. Then get a a fast QB, two fast RB’s, and a big full back, some blockers, and run a Wishbone type offense. Control the clock, take away these other school’s athletic advantages with ball control, great special teams play, and fantastic defense…


I just threw up in my mouth a little…SMDH

Not surprised, aren’t you the one that has backed Bieliema incessantly around here for a cpl yrs since your arrival? I probably would too if i did something that stupid…

Awww…BillyBoob…you feel better now? Yes I have staunchly supported Bielema because of the dumpster fire he inherited but TCU and today showed he has learned nothing. He needed to be agressive not conservative and geeze man the Wishbone? Talk about conservative.

Gary Pinkel came to Missouri much like Bielema came to Arkansas, success at the previous school and running a conservative philosophy on both sides of the ball. Thru 4yrs Pinkel had an almost identical record at Missouri that Bielema has at Arkansas then in 2005 he chucked it all and changed. Guess what? Winning and Championships followed. Bielema needs to do something similar. The Wishbone is the opposite.

Oh and Norvell would be great but he doesn’t run the Wishbone.

Wooo Pig

Wishbone type offense. The objective is to negate athletic ability, by always having a fresh defense on the field, keep your QB healthy, and make him basically a 3rd RB… The bottom line is this, Arkansas defense is a complete joke, we’re not in the Big 12, we’re in the SEC, we need to build a defense, the offense needs to have a control the clock philosophy, which will assist the defense, we need great special teams, and that’s Arkansas best option.

Well we can agree to disagree on this one. Oh and if you want a Wishbone “type” offense great, advocate for Paul Johnson…Norvell runs a Spread Passing Attack

That’s what everyone said Malzahn ran, before he found Cam, and then he ran most of the time… Your offense is what gives you the best chance of winning the game…

That is what he ran…geeze Look at video from Springdale, or Arkansas or Tulsa it’s not the single wing he runs now. Norvell comes from the Todd Graham coaching tree. Todd Graham was the Head Coach at Tulsa where Malzahn ran after the Nutt debacle…and he ran a Spread Passing Attack

The point is, your offense is whatever gives you the best chance of winning, Malzahn changed philosophies, because he found Secretariat… I remember exactly what he ran at Springdale and Tulsa, I remember saying to myself, I hope he keeps it up, probably will intercept 12, when Arkansas played Tulsa… You change to whatever gives you the best chance of WINNING, that’s the point. If you know a pitcher throws 95% fastballs, you don’t expect a curve, you get ready to hit a fastball. I like Paul Johnson, but he isn’t leaving Tech for Arkansas, and he’s 60 yrs old, and has spent most of his career at schools with far better discipline records than Arkansas…LOL…

Weird Malzahn with Stidham is running what he ran at Springdale. You in your OP were not advocating running what gives you the best chance to win you were advocating going out and recruiting Wisbone “type” players. I’m done…geeze.


I see your point, and it isn’t a bad philosophy- do something different than everyone else is doing to gain an advantage. Navy, Air Force, Georgia Tech type of offense where you don’t have to recruit the best players just the best coached players that can pound it.

It worked well for Nebraska for many years, and Odessa high school in TX worked miracles with that style where they could still beat the big schools from Dallas, Houston, etc.

It is hard to recruit those kinds of quarterbacks since few high school teams run that type of offense anymore though. Someone has to have a lot of experience, or super amazing talent, to operate it successfully over a long period of time. Not to mention the injuries that can rack up for a heavy run offense like that; but your point is valid.

In a way, the Hogs run a non-traditional type of offense now too. The main reason this is used in the NFL is because they only have 53 players on a team. They can’t afforded to run 2 deep at all positions, so they run time off the clock and huddle up; thus giving breaks. Yet, for the Hogs, things are running into a wall for now.