I don't understand the drama with recruiting today

It’s not like a marriage, if you don’t like it, you can get it annulled anytime you want, with no hassle at all anymore.

Just a hunch its the same drama its always been. The recruit or someone near him trying to work out how and who will give him the biggest bag of cash. Its been under the table for so long now with the NIL its more out in the open but they still want to bargain for the biggest payday.

Now I’m not saying that’s every recruit, but I’d not be surprised if its a good percentage of the top recruits.

The money is pretty much the same, until you actually do something, and then it can increase obviously. And like I said, the biggest difference is, they can be paid openly for their name recognition. But until your name means something, there’s only so much you’re going to get, no matter where you go.
I suppose there might be more money in very large markets, but not that much more than Arkansas, because there’s no pro teams in the state. And if you’re not happy, you can divorce without penalty these days, you’re not bound to any school for any period of time.

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