I don’t think Arkansas should hire Mike Leach either, obviously that’s not a long term solution

That guy obviously will embarrass Arkansas even more, this isn’t the Pac 12 or whatever, he will obviously get blown off the map quite a few times, get before the cameras and say stupid things. And that style WILL never EVER beat Alabama, in a zillion yrs.

He publicly blames players. Some of the ones we still have will get their feelings hurt. He may not win a game here.

As Leach gets older he seems to become more unhinged. His openly labeling of his players as “frauds”, “entitled”, & otherwise in the Washington press is disturbing. Can only imagine how our fans & players would respond to a coach blaming players & the HC not taking responsibility for the team’s poor performance.

Another bad & non-competitive season where WSU is again the last place team in a very weak PAC12 may get Leach fired. Are we really considering him?

I think Arkansas should bring in Jimmy Johson to coach. He knows talent and he could turn them around fast. He could hire a younger Assistant Head coach once the program is heading in the right direction.

Hiring Chad Morris sure didn’t work so i won’t judge or make an observation about Leach. It should be considered whoever is hired better roll their sleeves up and get to work!

Leach seems like a perfect left coast dude. Think Kliff Kingsbury would be interested in coming back to coach college?

Why? He’s actually doing pretty well turning Arizona around. Kyler Murray can ball out a little, he’s going to be a good one in this league for many yrs. I would not leave, give him a yr or two AZ could be rollin into January lookin pretty tough.