I Can’t say that Arkansas lost to a superior team, like I will next week. Kentucky just out coached Arkansas

Arkansas has plenty of talent, especially on Defense. Bell, Agim, Pool, and Curl are talented players, that have a future in this game. Just poor coaching on both sides of the ball really. Offensively Arkansas has some talent at receiver and running back, their QB’s aren’t terrible.

They just have a focus and character problem more than anything. They lost their focus after they got ahead early, and got big headed, like they always do in Arkansas forever, really. Beats me why, they’ve never done anything in football. That title in the old days doesn’t count IMHO, because Arkansas and the south was still segregated, the best athletes weren’t allowed to play for the most part.

I totally disagree that Arkansas teams “get bigheaded.” Getting bigheaded doesn’t cause you to not perform.

Anxiety does. Fear of failure does. And this program has MASSIVE fear of failure issues. When anything happens to them at all…anxiety kicks in. Fear. Tension…

You play golf? If you do…you know this can paralyze any golfer. Its paralyzing this program. Among other things…like terrible recruiting…and an offensive coordinator that should understand that when they can’t stop something KEEP RUNNING IT UNTIL THEY DO. My goodness.

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I’m amazed that we could never stop the running game last night. Defensively they couldn’t get off the field on 3rd down! Out coached maybe in some areas but at some point “players” need to make plays.
You can compare the speed of each team and Kentucky put the ball in the hands of their speed guys and Craddock and Starkel forced everything to OGrady! That was by far the most pathetic display of offense I have ever watched. From play calling to the QB letting it fly!
Fear of failure maybe but the “Mo” in this game left our sideline and the players never were able to regain it.
This will be another long season and recruits will drop like flies.
Our OLine isn’t strong enough to make winning plays and it showed last night.

Kentucky was better on the line of scrimmage. Arkansas must find a quarterback who is a threat to run and can make plays when the pocket breaks down. Otherwise all they can do is get the ball out of his hands very quickly.
Defensively, they should have been able to stop the run and force them to pass. Stack the box and play man on the receivers. Evidently the defensive backs can’t be trusted to do that.

They definitely are playing scared/ playing not to lose as opposed of playing to win.

I totally agree about force feeding O’Grady. It was like they had seen something in film study that made them anticipate really hurting Kentucky with CJ, but then it didn’t materialize. Meanwhile, we were hurting them with Boyd, and we stopped feeding him on some drives I think we score on if $5 keeps touching it.

And it turns out that Boyd’s shoulder got hurt. There was a reason that he stopped being the ball carrier.

You’re right.

But he didn’t continue to get the rock on one of the drives that turned out to be a FG…that’s what I’m specifically talking about…when he was hot…and that was before he dinged the shoulder.

I think. I need to rewatch. Haven’t been able to do that yet.

In the first half they went away from Boyd before he hurt his shoulder! CCM also took 2 timeouts into the locker and wasted 50 seconds without attempting to score. I didn’t like the play calling By the OC!
There’s 1 thing for sure he must blind actually the hole staff must be blind if they were watching what I saw in the passing game and continued to just keep repeating the same junk over and over again!
When you have the ball first and goal from the 6 and then on 3 rd down get half the distance and another first and goal from the 3 and end up with a field goal your pretty inept on offense!
At some point this staff better start grasping the idea that it don’t take 3/4 of the game to decide someone is having a bad game or to make changes or adjustments. The offense caused part of our defensive failures in the Kentucky game.

This week against Auburn I don’t expect my hogs to win but I fully expect the hogs to be able to complete a crossing route and a darn pass be out in front of a receiver where he can catch the ball.

To this point hammer down is a pipe dream!