I believe in fate, if Gus was meant to be at Arkansas, he probably would have lost yesterday..

Unless he’s given some indication that he’s interested, and by the sounds of Tom Murphy’s article, he’s not the slightest bit interested at all. He said he’s happy with this staff, and his entire team is coming back, and success is likely over the long haul… So Arkansas should move on to different candidates… I don’t think if A&M fires Sumlin, that that’s such a bad idea, we know he would be fired up against our biggest rival, who has owned us since joining the SEC at least, pick up 2 more SEC wins, and we’re looking at a quality bowl game… And in Senior laden yrs, challenge for a title maybe… Plus, we know he has recruiting ties in Texas, which we desperately need at Arkansas. Why not???

Were you really expecting Arkansas to have a coaching hire less than 48 hours after firing Bielema?

Uh, yeah, because that’s clearly what was written above… LOL…

Don’t give up on Gus just yet. There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

How many times have you seen Nick Saban get outcoached while he was at Alabama? To my recollection, I can only count 5 times; against Louisiana Monroe (Weatherbie) his first year, against Utah (Whittingham) in the Sugar Bowl, against(Stoops) Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, against South Carolina (Spurrier) and against Auburn (Gus) on Saturday. This is why we have to be patient and get Gus if we can.