I believe Arkansas wins 6 or 7 games.

Considering how Texas A&M manhandled South Carolina beating South Carolina is a near certainly. Of course we beat Coastal Carolina. Other game we should win are Mississippi and Missouri; and as likely as not we beat either Alburn or Mississippi State which could give us 7 wins.

I watched the game, and I’d hardly call 24 to 17 a manhandle.

Also have to factor in the game being played at Kyle field, not the easiest environment to play in, which we luckily do not have to do.

I personally think we win 5.

The OL and DL aren’t good, and the tough part of this 10 week stretch is about to begin.

Arkansas is as likely to beat Auburn as it is Alabama. Don’t know if Arkansas can even keep the score close against Auburn.

And by the way in your summation, Arkansas will have to beat Auburn to get to the 7 wins you project. You can’t count Mississippi twice.

As bad as the SEC is I see we have a shot to finish 8-4 losing to Bama and Auburn. The other games are all winnable. There is NO excuse to finish below .500!

So, at this point I’m only certain that we will win the game against The Citadel.
As for the conference, I am 100% certain we lose to Alabama, Auburn. We should beat Missouri at home, but we don’t seem to play them too well so it’s a toss up.
I think we’all have a better gage after next week to see if we have a team that can go on the road and win games against average SEC teams. If we can go pick up the win at South Carolina then I can see them winning at Ole Miss. However, if we prove that we can’t go to South Carolina and get a win the I don’t know that we get any road wins in conference which would leave us in a position where we could finish with a record under 500 and not even bowl eligible.
I’ve heard a few of you on here that somehow think we will beat Auburn and I have to ask if you have actually watched them play, they have one the best defensive lines in the country, that’s not a win for the Hogs.
I think the most optimistic win total could be 7 and if we aren’t able to win road games against average teams then we could only win 4-5 games.
My hope is they can win a couple of these road games and do no worse than 6-7, but honestly, it could go either way.
We have too many issues to even think can be fixed this season and we will be lucky if Austin can even finish out this season with the amount of hits he is about to take over the next few weeks, I really don’t envy him.
OMG, our defense doesn’t scare anyone. I imagine most offensive coordinators are just licking their chops when they are preparing for this matchup.
We have the worst special teams units in the country, can’t kickoff into the end zone but maybe 1 out of 5 attempts. Obviously, we can’t kick a field goal or even have a coach that will ever try an attempt against NMST when we should’ve to give the new kicker some game experience.
Bottom line is we’re not good in any phase of the game and that on the coaches.

Who watched Troy beat LSU? Please explain to me how Troy has better looking athletes, especially on the O & D Lines than we have at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville? It’s unbelievable!

Sad day for our program when your in 5th year of a HC, making almost 5 mil a year, and we’re talking about how we should be over .500, no excuses. Smh

Good lord, Bret not only lowered the ball he broke down the floor!!

Can’t we enjoy a week after a win before we dump all over the team?

And seriously, talking about how long Bielema’s been here and how much he makes is getting old.


That’s a huge mistake, we need our coaches to be coming up with solutions for obvious areas of weakness before it’s too late and it may already be.
Watch a Saban post game press conference and you’ll see what it takes to be totally committed to winning and holding your team accountable for penalties, missed blocks, poor covereage / tackling all after a couple of toatally dominating performances.

This game yesterday against NMST was a game that we should have been completely dominant, but yet they were able to pass for almost 350 yards, all while getting basically no pressure on their QB. That doesn’t bode well for conference play when we will be playing much better teams with a deeper stable of receivers.
Hard to judge anything we did well offensively yesterday due to the level of competition. We will find out more next in what is really a must win game for this team in order to salvage this season. Because they are going to get taken behind the woodshed the following 2 weeks against Bama and Auburn.

So, No GeneralHog we can’t just sit back and enjoy the underwhelming victory yesterday against an inferior opponent.
That’s what losers do, winners are always finding ways to improve.

And you don’t think Bielema and the other coaches aren’t trying to do that?

We also rarely blitzed, so I’m not that worried about not getting a rush against NMST.

With everything else you said, that’s still no reason to assume about the team or not enjoy a win.


Seriously, we haven’t hardly blitzed anyone so far this season. We have to be one of the most passive defensive units in D1 Football.

As for the coaching staff making personnel and schematic adjustments going forward I guess time will answer those questions for us. We are 2-0 against the so called cup cakes and 0-2 against legit D1 opponents.

Do they want to win, sure they do. Do they know what it will take to win in this conference? Jury is still out because through 4+ seasons they haven’t figured it out.

I hope you enjoy that game against the Citadel. Everyone else will be watching Coastal Carolina. :stuck_out_tongue:

In comparison to SEC opponents, NMSU is inferior. But they do have two legitimate NFL prospects in their QB and their big WR. They threw for more yards than expected, but they took what the Hogs gave them because their heralded RB certainly didn’t accomplish anything. I don’t think it’s wrong to celebrate any win, and I don’t think it was an underwhelming win. We had control most of the way. But certainly the going gets tougher this coming week, and everyone knows it.

Sorry, I got my cup cakes mixed up. I think you understand my point!

To get to 7 wins from 2-2
Beat the chickens. 3rd win
MooU. 3th win
Ole Miss. 4th win
LSU. 5 th win
Costal Carolina. 6th win
Misery. 7th win
Bowl game. 8th win.

Bama. Is it possible for a rain out.
Auburn can be beaten.

If we were in the the SEC East we would be in better shape. I wish they would move Bama and Auburn to the East and put Missouri and Tennessee to the West

I think you miscounted Army. Anyways, I was just thinking about this. My how two weeks changes your opinion. I watch all SEC, not just when we play, but here is what I see, as of now:

I predicted 5-7 before the season, I think that is a minimum. We SHOULD beat Coastal Carolina, LSU (they look horrible), and Missery (worse than LSU). Watching LSU and Missery, I can’t see us losing. Now, I think Mistake, Old Piss, and the Chickens are toss ups. I would say 50/50 against the chickens, 60-40 against Moo U, and probably 70-30 (I know that’s more than a toss up, but) against Ole Piss. That gives us 8 wins and a bowl. Can we get to nine? I know someone said Bret is good for one win a year that we are supposed to lose, so I think it’s very possible. After TCU, I thought we’d be lucky to get to 5.

Amazing how one week changes people’s perceptions. I really don’t think Saturday told us much. It’s a game we should have won…and we did. Hit the spread right on the money. New Mexico State was clearly overmatched. I am going to take a wait and see attitude about the next few games.

Scoot my change in opinion had nothing to do with AR vs NMSU. It had to do with Troy vs LSU, Mistake vs GA, and many other games from this weekend. Yes, we played NMSU, but teams many of us thought were good, have proved not to be.

Baked, I wasn’t really singling you out. Just noticed a little change of perspective on here. All those teams you mentioned though, will probably play lights out against us.

If Arkansas did pull off 8 wins this year, it would be a miracle; all I hope is that Jeff Long doesn’t do another stupid thing, like giving him another big buyout clause.

That seems to be a normal thing in both football and basketball