I am not sure we deserve an NIT bid..

There are plenty of teams, even in our own conference that won’t make the tourney, but could make some noise in the NIT. Vandy, Alabama, probably won’t make the tourney, but they could make a run in the NIT. I just don’t see us being good enough to deserve a bid to the NIT, there are many more worthy teams that are better than us.

Stay home if they don’t make the dance. There’s nothing to gain in my opinion.
The only thing that can help this team is a closed door players only meeting and air the dirty laundry out. That might help.
Until the effort is shown on the floor for a few games in a row to prove they’ve come together it’s over. !!!
Next year!

Guys, you all need to take a step back from the cliff. First, we beat Vandy and Bama, so why would we not deserve an NIT bid over them. Second, saying that players like Bailey, Cook, Macon, Thomas, Jones, and Barford not getting extra practices and playing in a do or die atmosphere won’t do this team any good is just not sound logic. Every team has highs and lows through the course of a season. It’s just our team’s lows really get down there don’t they? Lol. We have a few games left and the best thing we can do as fans is pack out the Bud and try to will these guys to victory!

I expect Arkansas will go to the NIT. We will not be in the NCAAT and regardless of how few fans are attending games at Walton, playing there is still more profitable that playing home games at most NIT teams.