I actually think Paul Rhoades is a fantastic football coach.

That man knows the game, and kids will be better after playing for him. And with Arkansas moving to a 3-4 alignment which many NFL teams utilize, that should help recruiting. Kids want to learn in a system they’re more likely to use, and I would say that’s more applicable now. I’m not a big 3-4 fan, my theory on defense is hit really hard, ALWAYS put pressure on the backfield, pick up the screen and the draw, and if they beat you long or with a cross, so be it…LOL…

Smh, a 3-4 defense involves more speed and athleticism to be really successful. You gotta have the right personnel for it to be effective. Alabama can run it perfectly because they have the recruits and the talent for it.
Do we even currently have 4 capable LBs?? You need 2 ILBs that can stop the run and 2 OLBs that ran pass rush and hold the edge. Do we even have that personnel?? And Greenlaw just had a setback on is leg, so who knows if he’ll be 100% for next year. I don’t know, not sure about the DCord and def not sure about the 3-4. Think we’re headed for a disaster

Can it get any worse than this season though? I think this year was evident that we do not have the personnel to run a good 4-3. and we are losing more experience this offseason.

I actually think our personnel and recruiting base leans more toward a 3-4 than a 4-3. We have a history of getting these smaller hybrid linebackers and converted safety to linebacker type players. Linebackers like Greenlaw, Ramsey, DeJon Harris, LaFrance and Baptiste should excel in a 3-4. Question is can Eugene, Hackett and Josh Harris also make strides in a 3-4. Also, we have always had a problem creating depth at the D-line historically. Typically, we can get 1 to 2 playmakers on the D-line. The rest are typically role players, so to speak.

Not necessarily, he had some success at IOWA State with even less talent. Is it going to be great?? NO… But if the CB’s and Safeties hold the edge, teams will have to drive down the field, which of course Alabama and others will be able to do. But if Arkansas can score, and force teams to score driving the ball down the field, they will be competitive, and teams won’t be up by so much, it takes the running game on offense out of the equation by the 4th qrtr. Would I run a 3-4, not unless I had Alabama’s talent, but it should make them more competitive in the 4th.

I think going to a 3-4 defense suits our personnel plus I also like the fact that we should be able to scheme on the fly with some 3-4 and 4-3 mixing. Good offenses keep defenses guessing, but when that script is flipped, advantage defense.
Robb Smith is a good DC, but his scheme relies heavily on some top talent on the field.
If PR is more creative and we can run the 3-4 while still mixing in the 4-3 we should be vastly improved if our personnel can distinguish their responsibilities between the 2 defensive schemes.