Hunting Gators in Omaha

Seems like the SEC Network talking heads have already given this one to the Gators due to their having their top pitcher available today. Isn’t he the one we beat in Hoover? Not sure but I thought I read that. Regardless our bats seem to be popping at the right time. Hoping it continues tonight! WPS!

correct, we have actually beat Singer the last 3 times we faced him. last year in Hoover when Spanberger went yard twice and we roasted them. then we beat him this year in our series in Florida, and again this year in Hoover. so i reckon you can look at it one of two ways: we have his number or he is due. i’m hoping Isiah Cambell shows us what he’s made of. go hogs

I guess that means we have their number… :wink: Hogs eliminated the gators… Go Hogs… Beat all comers and Bring home the hardware!