Huge Win tonight!!!

Great job taking Auburn out of the type of game they wanted to play tonight.

If we can pull the upset in Gainesville for only the 2nd time ever, and none since the 90’s on Wednesday night, we could move up significantly in the NCAA Tourney rankings. But it would take an unbelievable effort to go in there and come out of there with a win. if we can do it though, we will lock up a 3-4 seed in Nashville, and a good NCAA position. If we’re going to make a run in the NCAA’s we will have to play solid games against teams like FL, and we know they hate us for some reason. This is Kevaughn Allen and Leon’s Super Bowl game, they hate us for some unknown reason, probably just more hate.

Arkansas has to handle the ball better this time, this is one of the best teams in the nation at getting steals and easy looks as a result of those steals. They’re the 3rd best 3 pt shooting team in the SEC right now…

Yes good win tonight. I believe we have locked up at least the 4 seed in the SEC tournament!
Hogs have to go to Florida and then Georgia at home.
SC has Miss St at home then at Ole Miss
I believe we close out 2-0
I believe SC goes 1-1.
If we are tied we have the tie breaker
As for getting a win in Florida it may come down to being able to establish a lead big enough the refs can’t affect the outcome. We have had leads down there and unable to close the deal. This team is capable of beating them. I think we pull it off. The Gators didn’t play well in the second half today anything can and will happen.

Nope…We could still lose the 4th seed to Vandy, because Vandy beat KY, and we tied the series with them. We have lost like 7 in a row to FL, they hate us with a passion, and like 12 out of 13. We haven’t won in Gainesville, FL in like 22 yrs. It will take all hands on deck to pull off an upset in the O dome. Keep in mind they beat KY by 20 in their facility, and we’re their Super Bowl game.

And GA has the best Guard in the country, Frazier is like quicker than lightning off the dribble…

Arkansas will need to win 2 of the last 3 to make sure they’re locked in, they got 1 tonight. If they can pull off a upset on the road on Wednesday night, they will move up significantly in the NCAA seedings…

My bad, meant to say that Vandy beat the #2 seed, and we lost to them. Which would give them the tiebreaker over us. We’re safe with Ole Miss and Alabama however…

Funny, the Razorbacks only have 3 kids on their roster that were even born, and those 3 were still in the crib, the last time Arkansas won in Gainesville. I must be getting really old, because I remember it well.

Unless I’ve lost my ability to add, last nights activities show that ARK ‘all but’ locked up at least the 4th seed. If the Hogs drop the last two (leaving them at 11-7), only Vandy can tie them for the 4th spot and that would give Vandy the 4th seed. That would require Vandy to beat both KY (@ KY) and Florida (gets them to 11-7 at best). Of interest, another loss by SC drops them into the 11-7 package meaning Vandy could get to the 3 with the tie breaker over Arkansas and SC. If that happens, Arkansas - at worst gets the 4 over SC with that tie breaker.

Mississippi and Alabama fell off the 4th spot chase last night with the Hogs win. KY will be playing to climb back up to a number one seed - so no doubt the previous loss to Vandy and the potential seeding will drive KY to press hard. I’m liking Arkansas in that 3 seed however, guessing that UM gets the best of SC next week to leave SC at 12-6 and - at worst - tied with the Hogs. Of course the Hogs have that tie breaker. The 3 gets Arkansas out of that quarterfinal match up versus the 1 seed - so there’s that.

Surely, though, I’m not the only one that recognizes the change in the Hogs playing style since the Missouri game. More patient on defense, far less chasing the ball, and by far more patience on offense (it actually looks like everyone is on the same called play!).

For next week - I have the Hogs going 1-1, Vandy goes 0-2, SC going 1-1. Hogs get the 3, SC the 4, Vandy the 5 (ugh - a friday night Arkansas-Vandy quarterfinal).

Only if Vandy and AR are the only teams tied. If Ole Miss wins out, Bama (plays Ole Miss Wednesday), finishes 1-1, then it’s a multiple team tie, AR owns the tiebreaker.

Also the KY/Vandy game will start before ours finishes. They’ll be warming up about HT. So, KY will still be in a have to win to clinch 1st mode. They’ve split with Florida, similar to us and Vandy, it’ll be up to the tiebreaker.

The bottom line is this, we need a win, a win will help us a lot with seeding, and you ASSUME nothing. When you ASSUME, you make an a$$ out of u and me, which Arkansas is really good at.

KY vs Vandy play Tue night, we play Wednesday night. And we need a win, two losses which is very possible hurts our NCAA seeding, and leaves the door open for tiebreaker scenarios. You ASSUME NOTHING EVER…

If KY plays Tuesday night (I thought it was Wednesday), then they will be in need to win mode, a loss and FL winning out could result in FL being the 1 seed. If KY beats Vandy we clinch no worse than 4th. It also could cause FL to have a letdown because they’d have nothing to play for. KY would be champs, FL would be in the Big Dance and a win over us would not mean anything. We win and we would become a lock on all brackets, so we still have something to play for.

I do agree with you, we need to win. If we win we are in regardless of anything else that happens. If we lose those tiebreakers come into play. It always seems like we never get the benefit of the tiebreakers