Huge Road Win for the Hogs

Nice win against the Vols. Clutch free throws to seal the deal. Now we can enter the Kentucky game with some confidence and no added pressure of going 0-3 in conference play.

How valuable is Beard? How clutch is Macon? How much should we worry about Kingsley still not being able to score? So many misses around the basket. His rebounding and shot blocking were big factors in our favor, though. Great to see Barford have a really solid game, too.

Good game. This is a team that is finding a way to win and hopefully it will carry over Saturday. But watching Kentucky manhandle A&M has me skeptical.

When Arkansas has the attitude that they’re down by 10, no matter the actual score, their pretty darn good. Great coaching by MA tonight also, keeping key guys in foul trouble on the floor, and an even better job keeping their legs fresh in the end, so they could knock down the FT’s… GO HOGS!

Just got to play loose, have fun, rebound, and have the attitude that you’re down by 20 all the time.

IMHO, Moses was never much of an offensive threat. 8-12 points a game is all I really expect from him. It’s the defense, shot blocking ability, and rebounding that makes him so key to our success. Trey Thompson really needs to buckle down and get to work, so that he can give us quality minutes off the bench. Cook and Thomas are doing a nice job, but it’s Trey’s size that we need inside to give us a little more strength down low.

Moses and many other seems to be putting to much pressure on him and calling him out about his play. MK has lost his confidence in himself at this time in the scoring part of his game and there’s nothing he can do but play through it, like hitters in baseball in a slump, you got to keep swinging at good pitches and Moses needs to keep taking good shots. It’s hard to believe in yourself when you can hear and read so much about how your game is not up to par or expectations. He will show up big down the line and really be a stabilizing force on this team before it all said and done I believe. WPS

A simple testimony to fundamentals - make free throws at the end of a game and the wins will follow. Way to go Daryl Macon! You are clutch!

I don’t see where Moses has lost confidence, he is making jump shots and free throws. Playing defense as before. His post offense has always been questionable. He is not getting as many uncontested dunks and layups as last year. He never scored that much off post moves last year anyway.