Hope vs No Hope...

Bottomline truth is most people that grew up in Arkansas are die hard fans with Razorback embedded in our soul. We can’t change it, it’s part of our DNA. It’s an Arkansas thing and it is what it is PERIOD. Its an unexplainable pride thing we have and we love…

But pride is fading WE NEED HOPE!

Not to bring the drama but IF and when the U of A makes a decision at the end of the year to keep CBB I honestly think in my 58 years it will be my first feeling of no hope in my life, an empty feeling that I’ve never experienced. I’m dreading the decision of Long making a stupid speech about keeping CBB for another year more than I’m dreading death.

I totally get that’s kind of funny.

Now the beauty of it all is it’s just a game, just sports, not life or death. But still a big part of life.

If we don’t fire CBB at the end of the year I swear to G it will prove that we no longer care, no longer care about the old die hard Arkie and our football program moving forward.

Firing him will immediately bring hope back to life where keeping him will create an almost program killing no hope attitude.

Time will tell…

I have been following the Razorbacks for 52 years. This is the first time that i feel that we no longer have a football program. The last five years have been absolutley horrible under Bret and I don’t see any hope with him as our leader. When he does get fired, we have to hire a dynamic coach that is going to bring this once proud program back together.

Spot on, jordan. Some intense pressure should be directed to Jeff Long to fix what has turned out to be an absolute dumpster fire in Fayetteville. From what I have seen of Bielema and company, especially in the past two years, would amount to abysmal coaching at the high school level. At $4.2M a year, it’s beyond ridiculous.

Having said that, I don’t have a lot of confidence in Long’s ability to bring in a top shelf, quality football coach. Many suggest that Bobby Petrino wanted the Arkansas job far more than Long wanted him and that Petrino was very persistent in pursuing the opportunity.

As I recall, Long supposedly made a play of sorts for Jim Grobe, the Wake Forest coach, during the same time frame. Scary business there, if true.

Regardless, the spotlight and related heat will be on Jeff Long, exactly as it should be, in my opinion.

This analogy of life and football is out of context. I have faith and through my faith there’s hope!
Football is a game and Coach B has done a lot of good. Last year the melt down to Missouri and the meltdown to VA Tech keep the hogs from winning 9 games.
It’s true we can all see with our own eyes how weak this team in all phases of the game. But I wonder if he had won 9 games last year I nstead of 7 how would the fan base feel now.
There is some youthful talented young men on this team. Don’t loose sight of that. What ever decision is made it won’t change the hope I have in my life!
The hogs are losing! It’s painful to watch I want my hogs to win. No matter what I have my hog plate of my truck and I’ll be supporting our hogs.
Before this year started most thought this team would finish 5-7.
When Coach B was hired they passed on others they interviewed. Brent Venables the defensive coordinator at Clemson and Kirby Smart now the head coach at Georgia. Sounds like they passed up the chase on those guys. Maybe they could hire Venables when and if they make a change.

Man, there’s way too much to life than to spend 12 months a year feeling as if there’s no hope just because the UA football team is floundering. Everybody wants to win, but my faith in a much higher realm keeps me upbeat and hopeful today, tomorrow and every day the Good Lord lets me live no matter what happens to CBB. JL is smart enough to know that he cannot keep his job unless there’s a productive football team on the field. But even if you think he’s not, don’t let that lack of hope dictate the rest of your life.

Excellent post SAH

Bravo Jordan. I think most understand where your heart is and the accompanied passion.

I crossed that stage of hopelessness after the A&M game. As much as I hated the firing of Petrino, and the fact that I would never have fired him for any of the reasons stated (trust me I heard all at least 1000 times each), I have supported CBB to give him a chance to do what everyone else said would happen, recruit better, better defense and win more. We have not come close to the 2011 recruited class, defense is worse, and we are not winning relevant games at all. No one told me 5 years ago that a #72 APR ranking would be singular and all of the rave for an once proud SEC Program today,

I am beyond calling for the firing of CBB because it is a given. I think after comments made by Jeff Long to LR Touchdown club, his lovefest and buyout for CBB has proven he is unfit to lead this program back to respectability. We all know CBP ain’t coming back, that is not the point. But we do need lightning in the bottle, and we need someone with energy and creativity that CBP had to make us all forget how great Petrino was to the program despite his transgression.

I didn’t read his post to say the way you suggest?

In fact he said " Now the beauty of it all is it’s just a game, just sports, not life or death. But still a big part of life".

That was after he stated how much Pride he had. In his words “But pride is fading WE NEED HOPE!”

All fans by definition want to be prideful of their teams, and have hope that they may win. It is a game, we win and lose but we should always have hope. I read his post to say that having to endure CBB another year will take away any hope and that he dreads waiting to hear that decision more than he dreads death. Hopefully he does not dread death at all as it is inevitable for all of us. Nothing wrong with wanting something better for the program right now that can create some excitement that maybe all Razorback fans can reunite behind.

Thanks HA and dwp007…

I didn’t mean I was thinking about blowing my head off. Hogs aren’t life, definitely not bigger than BUT DEFINITELY a part of life that I have enjoyed tremendously my entire life.

My little girl is a giant hog fan (We live in Atlanta) but finally looked at me and said Daddy I think I’m going to start being a Georgia Bulldog. The first thing that came to my head was THANK YOU coach Bielema…

Point being freaking losing will eventually kill something inside. Losing and losing and losing will make you feel like a loser at some point. And when you’re not a loser but you keep losing you start losing hope. And that’s where I am.

Not bigger than life but definitely a part of.

A coach with fire that recruits SEC caliber players with defense continuously on his mind, a QB and a new O line coach will pull this all together and give us something to hang our hat on again. Not to mention every other phase of the game CBB has let run down the toilet.

The right leader can lead us back to 8 or 9 wins a year with the good possibility of upsetting the big boys every now and then or more often than that. Like Arkansas before Long came along.

Clean house and watch us grow back to respectability in a couple years.

That’s hope!!